Intersections - Damascene Rose

Intersections ...

Every doorway, every intersection has a story.
 Katherine Dunn
Every single footstep of my life has got a story attached to it.
I am having them all meet at the intersection of the Damascene Rose.
The corolla of my Life.

Intersections are the best way to both reevaluate yourself but also to scrutinize the colors of the people around you or the persons you once held dear.

Intersections are manifestations of the miracle of life. Are petals of the corolla you try to either cling to, choose again and again, or let go of.

Intersections are coming back to where it all started only to see that you are a brand new person … just passing-by to move on to the next chapter.

Intersections are golden opportunities! Which way is mine? Angels let’s reunite in the shrine.

Intersections make it clear I am in for blue, emerald green, salmon pink. No white! No go for white. Have it blue or emerald-green. Or let’s have both of them! Let’s have it the hybrid way. All the way!

Intersections are magic.

Intersections are dreams. You dream of a blue rose popping out of your toe and you wonder “What does that mean, Rose?”

Intersections are adventures. Which way - right or left? Remember! When did you have the right to choose. I have the right to choose now!

Intersections are hubs where ideas simply take off. Fly away, so far away…

Intersections are feelings of the heart about to be released in the blue of the sky.

Intersections are rivers of possibilities making their way through… There is no force to ever stop Love. The source is all there is.

Intersections speak exits and breakthroughs
Intersections foretell "this is your path to follow"
Intersections recount "now is the time to spread your wings again and fly.  It’s time!"
Intersections grant dozes of oxygen and breaths of fresh air
Intersections take you to the next level
Intersections have you deployed where you are meant to be
Intersections echo voices of characters to join in the next chapters
Intersections blend vowels and consonants of the poems to follow
Intersections compose the lyrics of the upcoming songs ...
 Intersections convey the new beat
 Intersections are the whirling wind giving you wings
Intersections - Damascene Rose

Intersections are “step by step, I am gonna get to…”

Intersections are lace and velvet turned into a patched dress.

Intersections are laughter and tears putting aside all fears.

Intersections are prayer reaching out to Mother Mary to remove the shadowy presence of the obsessed from one’s way.

Intersections are getting rid of putrefaction.

Intersections are saying “bye-bye” to incoherence.

Intersections are shedding the old and embracing the new.

Intersections are letting go of toxic and unsuitable environments.

Intersections are changing the earth so that the flower can bloom.

Intersections are moving forward.

And sometimes, intersections are Love and New Beginnings about to manifest.

All in good time.


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