Andrew the Apostle – Sfântul Andrei – the Protector of Romania

Grâu încolțit – Sfântul Andrei

Andrew the Apostle – Sfântul Andrei

the Protector of Romania

God bless you, Romania!
And bless us, today, on Saint Andrew’s Day, and always...
May we all be in his loving lighty protection!

Considered Jesus' first disciple, the first called, Sfântul Andrei is also acknowledged the Protector of Romania.

Interestingly, Andreea – the feminine version of Andrew, and Andrei are my top favourite two Romanian names. The name Andrei derives from the Greek Andreas, which means the „courageous”, the „manly”.

And there are many Romanians named after Him. It cannot be a coincidence. Thus it is unanimously acknowledged that Andrew the Apostle was the first of the apostles to preach the Holy gospel to the Geto-Dacians in the territory of Dobrogea. Actually, He is considered to have christened Romanians in the 1st century AD.

In 1997, St. Andrew was officially proclaimed the Protector of Romania and later on, of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral by the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church.

And this is the cave where Apostle Andrew is said to have lived according to archaeological discoveries.  I wonder how it feels to step in it. Thus I imagine it conveys rays of blissfulness, peacefulness, acting as the elevation of the spirit. It must feel like a catalyst to the being. Like a cascade of calm and tranquil vibrations fostering the clearest connection with the higher self. There must be a before and after moment.I feel it is one of those unique places worldwide in terms of energy and vibration. And it goes without a doubt, a spring of humanity.

Considered the „Bethleem of the Romanian Christendom”, Saint Andrew's Cave Monastery, located at a 75 km distance to the city of Constanta, near Ion Corvin commune, is the oldest Christian church on the Romanian territory. (Source

St_ Andrew’s Cave – Google Search

Traditions and Superstitions on Saint Andrew’s Day

The widest spread tradition is planting wheat in a dish or flower pot adding water. The better it flourishes, the prosperous the year to come.

Another very known tradition is the one concerning matrimony and premonitory dreams or visions. According to the tradition, single ladies put under their pillow a branch of blessed sweet basil. It is said that the man they dream that night is the one. "Have you dreamed of him, ladies? Yeah, I know, I know. I can't tell yet :-)"

Should someone take the basil from them, it means the girl shall marry soon. Alas!

Another tradition speaks of mothers gathering tree branches of apple, pear or cherry trees or rose bush branches. They make a bunch of it for all the family members. The ones to bloom by New year’s Eve are said to be lucky and healthy the next year. Which one of us gets to be the luckiest in 2020?

Moreover, today marks the commencement of the winter holy days season, to be followed by Saint Nicholas,  the magic Christmas and the Epiphany (John the Baptist's day) on the 6th of January. Hence we have just accessed the gates of the elevating portal to lead us by the hand into the realm of 2020, rosebud by rosebud.

Let there be a beautiful winter and may the magic of December precede an amazing 2020, a high vibrational and the angel number of life turning manifestations. I have made a wish. Can’t wait to seeing it manifest. Stay tuned! Dive in.

Be. Feel. Believe. And LOVE


Much Love 
Grâu încolțit – Sfântul Andrei

Photos: Pinterest and Damascene Rose

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