Make Love To The Now

Make Love to the Now

Make Love To The Now

Now is the moment. It's all we have got. So why not make love to it?

Should your spirits be high and shiny, add up to it.

You are as fit as a fiddle? Do more of that. Go on with the discipline of healthy varied meals. Enjoy every taste of it, every time you work out, run or even walk. There are people lying in bed who cannot indulge the act of moving.

Bank accounts filling and the glass is full to the brim? Life is as abundant as it can get? Celebrate and be grateful.

Life is tough, pushing you to the edge? Cling to your core,  dance with it till she'd stop it. Every punch is a rabbit leap forward. An algorithm unknown, life has this unexpected way of knocking us down, when we expect it the least. Sudden, 180-degree changes are the hardest. They cut deep. They hit you in the head. Dizzy, you whirl and swirl, trying to find your balance. It’s as if you learn to survive in the hurricane. First things first. Breathe. And then breathe again. The only way to make it is to take one step at a time. Focus is key and magic when it comes to survival mode. You must master your thoughts. Pay attention to the kind of thoughts you feed your mind with. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.

"I am gonna get to you, bitch! You heard me right. I am gonna get over you and renew you, integratively. Put you to a facelift.
At a given point, you will just get bored with bullying me and hitting me to the ground.
Don’t mess with me, bitch. Eat this! With every punch you give me, I am gonna stand up even stronger. I shall make use of your unexpected unpredictability to enhance my abilities and reboot myself. To the very core! Do you hear me?”
“Now look at me, bitch! Each time you’ve tried to knock me down, leave me feelingless and jobless, I have come back stronger and stronger. You've messed with the sole brick that seemed to be balanced, haven’t you? My job, my work, my oasis of creation… I shall create a new stream of action. That's what creative leads do. They reinvent themselves, as often as required.
Tell ya what? I am creating my new life, already, and you, old life, old cycle you are out. Yalla, get out of the way!"

You see you just have to make love to the now. When Life wants it rough, you play it tranquil. She plays it hard, you play it harder, with kindness and wisdom.

Only you gotta be clever about it. Set the invisible thread of planning your every tiny move that will bring about the final pirouette to check mate it all. In bona fide, no small talk. However, when it comes to love, planning is quite impossible. For tis God holding the ropes. That’s why you ought to make love to the now. This is how the ugliness of the soul, scarcity of humanity and lack of feelings turn into something beautiful, eventually. That’s how alchemy works.

Be. Do your best, with kindness and warmth. You just have to get into the groove.
“How come you don’t remember me?”
“Why would I?”
“We had that moment, remember? You and me, down the bay...”
 “Yes. And then you left me crawling in depression.”

“Have you called on us, princess?!?”


“How can we be of help?” asked the suite of guarding angels.

“Oh, deploy me in the arms of my mother source. Have me sniff her fragrance…l’Eau de Damas. One final beauty stroke before I make my entrance on the scene. I have finally made it. Lights on! Abdüllah, where’s my coffee, Abdüllah?"

"Had I known..., I would have hugged him longer. God willing, I just didn’t feel like getting off the car. I didn’t,” Mariam thought to herself and added one more piece to the puzzle to create the big picture. And this is a story to be recounted some other time.

„Oh, stop fidgeting. You are to make an entrance.”

Tired with dealing with so many roles and masks people attached to the image of her, the story of her, and not who she actually was, she decided it was high time she glowed. So she felt the urge to make love to the now.

Consequently, Mariam embraced the corolla of  quotes on love.

Alas! Month of magic  Alas!

“You know you are in love when you cannot fall asleep because you finally feel reality is better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss.
C’è Cuore Intorno A Me
"Where there is love there is life." Mahatma Gandhi
Love - Abre mi puerta, amor - Damascene Rose
“Being deeply loved gives you strength, loving deeply
gives you courage.” Lao Tzu
Love - damascene rose
“True unconditional love doesn’t meet you at your best, it meets you at your mess.” S.Jessica Parker
Love - Damascene Rose
"One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving." Paulo Coelho
Love - damascene rose
"Love is the eternal dose of magic." 
"Love is you trembling for me and I trembling for you."
"Two hearts beating for each other sang love."
Love said: "Believe in me and I shall reward you when you expect it the least. You shall stumble into me." Me
Love - damascene Rose
Fear said: “What if you leave?” Love replied: “What if I stay?” Me
Love - Damascene Rose
"You taste life when in love." Me
Love - Damascene Rose
"The waves of love teach us to surf with life." Me
"Your eyes are rivers stemming from your soul."
"The rays of your loving heart are my Home."
"Every thought of you adds magic to my corolla of roses."
Crimson Heart – Damascene Rose

Make love to the precious now.

Through sickness and hell,

Through joyful and happy time,

Breathe and exhale

Life rewards us in unexpected ways.

In the meanwhile, make love to the precious now ...

And move forward

"What does not step in for you,

Is not meant to be... "It's not fated," said Master Life

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