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La mulți ani, România! Happy National Day, Romania!

România, my dearest country of culture, of delicious pancakes and exquisite scenery,  of the fascinating Romanian Athenaeum,  I wish you:
Happy National Day, beloved Romania!
 La mulți ani, România!
What could I be wishing you, Beauty, today on the 1st of December 2019?
Rosary in my hand, I’ll invoke Queen Marie.
 Bead by bead I shall remember her strength, unwavering faith in the power  of unity and love for  R-o-m-â-n-i-a;  the manner  in which she pleaded for Romania’s cause, internationally, the way she nursed soldiers in times of sickness and cholera, joined the battlefield to inspire courage and resistance. By God, the incredible Majesty believed in a cause and did not stop until having seized the reins of unity. Hence she became Queen Marie of Greater Romania … of România cea Mare. Like a mother, She did play a major role in the unification of the principalities as One, on the 1st of December 1918. 
Home to George Enescu – Romania’s greatest musician, to the sports geniuses Mrs. NADIA Comăneci, Mr. Gheorghe HAGI, and the one and only rising star – Ms. SIMONA Halep and back to Mrs. Angela Gheorghiu – the worldwide acknowledged soprana!  And we could dance back and forth, enumerating them all - the great ambassadors and Legends of Romania.

And should you care to see the latest movie rendering the Great Marie of Romania playing this important historical role , well… the trailer is right over here:

Mother Mary, please forgive me. This is the very first time that I had to cancel my vote. I couldn’t cast a proper vote on the 24th of November for the Presidential elections. Given the colorless and emotionless manner of address, lacking the humane touch, I couldn’t give him my vote. As for the other Party, I couldn’t give her and them my vote, because the people of Romania seem to not want the continuity of something not resembling a good future for Romania. I wasn’t born here. I am enrooted in my mother source.  And I do believe I cannot have a clear picture of 1982-1991 as I wasn’t here.

Yes, the vote should be secret. And I am trying to make a point. Since I have been rejected many times here, in my beautiful country Romania, for being a hybrid, I would like to pinpoint the fact that with these elections I felt I couldn’t perceive the situation with the clarity I ought to.

“You” are right about it. I am a hybrid. Born in ’82, I didn’t not live the atrocities of communism. I was spending my time in the Garden of Roses. Reading about what happened back then gives you insight. If one is highly empathic maybe can even pretend to feel it. However, living it is totally something else.

On the other hand, I felt it right over here. The ex-incumbent president was to continue his mandate for 5 more years. So the risk was almost minimum.

Make a wish!
May God give him and the Ruling Bodies of Romania wisdom and power of duty and love to keep the spirit of Romania united, just as You did, dearest Queen Mary. He did say he was to be the “president of all Romanians.”
So it is a beautiful beginning, dearest Mary.

What I wish for you, sweet Romania?

Love, Peace and Light

What I wish for you, sweet Romania?

Be blessed. Always under the protection of Queen Mary, sweet Romania, “Garden of Holy Mary”, as proclaimed by His Holiness The Pope Francis. “România este grădina Maicii Domnului” – “Romania is the Garden of Mother Mary.” And I shall pray on every bead of the rosary, dearest Holy Mary, for us all to be united in spirit.


Ce-ţi doresc eu ţie, dulce Românie?

Ce-ţi doresc eu ţie, dulce Românie,

Ţara mea de glorii, ţara mea de dor?

Braţele nervoase, arma de tărie,

La trecutu-ţi mare, mare viitor!

Fiarbă vinu-n cupe, spumege pocalul,

Dacă fiii-ţi mândri aste le nutresc;

Căci rămâne stânca, deşi moare valul,

Dulce Românie, asta ţi-o doresc.


Vis de răzbunare negru ca mormântul

Spada ta de sânge duşman fumegând,

Şi deasupra idrei fluture cu vântul

Visul tău de glorii falnic triumfând,

Spună lumii large steaguri tricoloare,

Spună ce-i poporul mare, românesc,

Când s-aprinde sacru candida-i vâlvoare,

Dulce Românie, asta ţi-o doresc.


Îngerul iubirii, îngerul de pace,

Pe altarul Vestei tainic surâzând,

Ce pe Marte-n glorii să orbească-l face,

Când cu lampa-i zboară lumea luminând,

El pe sânu-ţi vergin încă să coboare,

Guste fericirea raiului ceresc,

Tu îl strânge-n braţe, tu îi fă altare,

Dulce Românie, asta ţi-o doresc.


Ce-ţi doresc eu ţie, dulce Românie,

Tânără mireasă, mamă cu amor!

Fiii tăi trăiască numai în frăţie

Ca a nopţii stele, ca a zilei zori,

Viaţa în vecie, glorii, bucurie,

Arme cu tărie, suflet românesc,

Vis de vitejie, fală şi mândrie,

Dulce Românie, asta ţi-o doresc!

Mihai Eminescu
What I wish for you, sweet Romania?

What I wish for you, sweet Romania,

My glorious country, my country I yearn for?

The nervous arms, arms with vigour,

Your great past, a constant future!

Boil the wine in its cups, make it foam,

If your proud children wish it so;

The rock remains, although the wave dies,

Sweet Romania, I desire you.


I dream of vengeance, black as the grave

Your sword of blood, smoking/steaming from the enemy,

and on top of the hydra which billows by the wind

Your dream of proud, succeeding glory

What they say of the world, coloured flags,

That which are the people, grand and Romanian,

When he strikes, sacrificing his naive flame

Sweet Romania, this I wish for you.


The angel of love, the angel of peace,

Mysteriously smiling on Vesta's altar,

That becomes blind to the glorious Mars

When your lamp illuminates the world,

Him on your breast that continues sloping down,

That like the happiness of celestial paradise,

You take it in the arms, make altars,

Sweet, Romania, this I desire for you.


What I wish for you, sweet Romania,

You, young bride, mother with love!

your children always live as brothers

Like stars in the night, as dawn,

Life in eternity, glory, joy,

Weapons with strength,for the Romanian soul

Dream of courage, pride and grandeur,

Sweet Romania, this I desire for you!

România – Damascene Rose

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