I Met Magic Amsterdam Last Year …


I Met Magic Amsterdam Last Year ...


Around this time of the year, last year, I went on a short visit to Amsterdam. I spent only two nights.

Previously, in the summer of 2018, I had made up my mind. The decision was made. It was high time I embarked on an international journey. Hence, relocate from Bucharest. As they say: change place, change luck.

I had had a very open dialogue with my business partners. When I recounted the story of what had happened with my company, with all honesty, of how I’d come to that point, about the topsy-turvy unwelcomed interventions, my partner from Australia told me: “Sometimes, negative things happen to motivate us.” So affected was I by what happened, that I took it as a sign from the Universe to take the world in my head. It’s the literal translation of the Romanian expression: a-ți lua lumea în cap - to go into the wide world, out of „too much of xxxxx”... you name it.
Moreover, the market got shrinking for the niche scope of my business.
A reason unknown, sometimes, when one speaks is not heard. Or no matter how hard they try to make their point - "this is what I am saying”, "this is what I'm feeling”, nobody is there. "Who cares?" When you tell them "I am leaving”, "I am relocating”, there comes the reaction "OMG! Is there anything I (not necessarily lover, but friend, partner, relative, family) can do to make you stay?”
"Well, you have xxxxx for the past ... months, years.”
Was I invisible?”
So in this context, as I was applying for jobs internationally, I thought I could apply for a job in Amsterdam too. I felt a very positive vibe in what concerns this city, however, in earnest, I had no idea I would like it ... sooo much. I had applied several times and to my astonishment,  I was contacted vey fast, in comparison to other cities, countries: the day after my application.
However, God commanded me to embark on a 3-month project to Istanbul, at the beginning of 2019. And here I am again.

Going back to the trip, upon landing, I liked the welcoming letters spelling A-M-S-T-E- R-D-A-M. I got on tram number 14. It took me to the hotel bearing a British name. That’s where Mohammad from Egypt welcomed me at the receception and  gave me a different room than the initial one. He said: "This one is better.”  "So be it.”
Christmas in Amsterdam #city #snow #brightlights


I wandered a lot, mostly on foot and by tram.

It was a very short visit and I fell in love with the general vibe of Amsterdam.

And it rained a lot. So I didn’t go on a city tour on bike. Gosh, how I’d loved it! I am looking forward to the next time!

I got lost, somewhere by the shore. My sense of orientation rocks! 🙂 There was this blue-eyed gentleman. He might have been a fisherman or a sailor wearing yellow rubber boots with a circular earring suspended by one of his ears. I said: „Good day, Sir. May I ask you a question?”

"Sure. How can I be of help?”, the gentleman replied and even smiled.

I don’t know whether it was his infinite kind approach, the fact that he resembled a blond pirate landed from a different 5G dimension or all of it. I surely felt I’d landed in a different realm from all I’d ever seen before. (I haven’t been to the Far Orient, Australia &Co etc... yet).

As strange as it might seem, unfortunately often acts of gentleness and politeness, even warmth, ought to be regular among us, people. That’s why we are human! Despite that, there is a serious lack of the "basics” in many parts of the world. In this context, to me, Amsterdam came in as the "dose of fresh air”, a reviving breeze of oxygen at the end of the catastrophic 2018.

And ... I happen to be a "girl”. Consequently yes, cosmetics, creams and everything included in the range are my huge mug of  paradise. I simply love creams and perfumes.

It all started with the necessaire at the hotel. I don’t usually use the creams provided by hotels. Always, but always, I have my creams with me. However, I liked the packaging of the cream. It looked like a cartoon bag. Since Amsterdam is a place where you can drink tap water, I felt the urge to indulge the body cream too. Was it the texture? The smell? All of it? I just fell for the cosmetics made in the Netherlands. And I've used "a few" in my life. Given my partnership with Skin DNA Australia, I might know a thing or two about creams and personalized beauty and care. 
Christmas time in Amsterdam, Netherland - Damascene Rose


Moreover, since I am a hybrid, the Oriental side of me was pleasantly surprised when served coffee and tea always accompanied by a biscuit or a chocolate. It’s worth mentioning, I didn’t go to 5 stars or top exclusive places. So I take it, this is how hot beverage is served there. And it does speak a million of the inner structure of the locals. Had it been an Oriental city – no offence, it wouldn’t have struck me as a beautiful surprise. It would have been part of the culture and Oriental hospitality.

Furthermore, would it be rhetoric if I made mention of the museums? I could have spent forever at the Rijks Museum and in its coffee shop. One of the most inspirational moments of the visit occurred when I came across this "gang” of teenagers, future painters of  the Netherlands, either lying down on the floor or occupying an entire bench in front of Rembrandt’s Night Watch. They were making sketches of the masterpiece. How cool is that? This spoke a lot of the system of the country as a whole. Loved it! 

Also, the staff of the museum was very amiable and kind. As I sipped my winter tea, in the coffee shop in front of the Rijksmuseum, crowds of children passed by. They might have been on a school trip to the museum.

All I know is that I saw beautiful children and a beautiful nation. And that mom driving her daughter on the bike... It was raining though. So what? Who needs a car anyway? Or the show-off?

Stay confident and let it be. One life, one smile.

The park was also very serene. My magnet was on. So I did attract most of the seagulls.

Shall I mention the exquisite system of Amsterdam? Schiphol is one of the world’s most important connecting hubs. It wasn’t crowded though. Why? Because to my perception, the entire mental infrastructure of the city has been thought to its most minute detail.

I must say: I might have felt a bit of jealousy towards the masterminds behind it. It was a truly inspiring visit!

Throughout history, Dutch people have been sailors. And I gather not only have they enriched their own culture by adding up the know-how they found appealing in the other cultures they’d gotten in contact with, but they seem to have integrated the enriching wisdom in the overall functionality of country’s system.

One would call that – vision, perhaps? Yes, visionary people.

And I spent two days alone.

Of course, this is my sheer opinion and perception on the matter. In the meanwhile, cheers to vision! Cheers to visionary people!

Unexpectedly, Amsterdam has given me the feeling of "home away from home”. What were the odds to feel that in a city of Civilized Western Europe? I felt I was back amidst the Garden of Roses in Damascus, whilst by the shores of Amsterdam.

After all, miracles do happen December, not only June.

So here I am again in December 2019. Still awaiting some energies to manifest soon. Who knows? If lucky enough, I might even get to choose.

To me, this year has equalled Wimbledon's Male Final. It’s been hectic. And it’s not over yet. So may God be with me.

Surely it’s not easy to manifest a 180-degree change.

Yet, if I don’t fully believe in it, who else will?

If I don’t fully focus on it, who else will?

This is how I have aways been able to manifest magic in my Life. By believing.

As the song goes – There can be miracles when you believe ....


Where I am sailing to, magic Amsterdam?
Where am I at, lovely Amsterdam?
Till next time, stay blessed.

Postcards from Amsterdam 

Amsterdam - Damascene Rose

Photos: Pinterest and Damascene Rose

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