Isn’t December the Month of Planning?

December Damascus

Isn’t December the Month of Planning?


I don’t know about you but I don’t know how this year elapsed. Like a blink of an eye... I see it rolling before my eyes.

The first half of it was a recovery after the one of a kind 2018. The second half – well… it was definitely about waiting. It all started with that call. Of course, I was glad to receive good news. Good news foresee sweet blues. Always we get to choose. That’s the groove!

And it did generate a detour. I was on the move. And I halted, much more than I could have imagined. For sure, I am to proceed in due time. This is how I have learned that most of the people surrounding me are quite terrible when it comes to having patience. During the past 9-year cycle I have dedicated a great deal of attention to focus. So I couldn't see through how deep this lack of patience was around me. Quite a habit to focus only on those aspects that I like and that inspire me, isn’t it? Also, it came in as a confirmation of the fact that nothing is random. Coincidences are the Universe telling us: "You're on, babe!"

Earnestly, patience is key and a must be when situations are unclear. Chaos and living on edge were two plates I  had to struggle with, for years. I’d say I’ve reached at least the PhD on that. Nevertheless, my duties have been assigned by My Supreme Friend. So when Almighty says: “Here you go!”
It’s “Your order is my command. I go!”

Even so, as high as the tides have been, always but always, I could figure out the path. After receiving the message in June, I waited and then nothing happened. And I waited and then again, nothing happened. And I wrote and I wrote, till writing stopped being fatiguing. It just flowed. And in-between I go and lay my strokes of inspirations in those shelters and hopa! I have the ideas steady and ready for the book. I s-t-i-l-l don’t have the end of the book. And I need it. Malcolm Gladwell confirms it. The end must be known. My mind needs to see it, visualize it. Just as I need to see how I am ending this year, when time is right, very soon. 😀

These days, these upcoming days are crucial and define the resuming of the road map, the take-off of the direction as a whole.

It was August and the sender was happy to receive a reply to the message. And then it was September and October. Well, time is up! Send the CV again, by mail, by plane, by train. Guess what?!? My computer broke. So I accessed my CV from my i-phone. The alignment of it was upside down. I've had it double checked by my friends. Their computers confirmed the mess-up. Of course, it didn’t look like that on mine. And it was submitted, in that mess of alignment.

Long story short, maybe sometimes we are just not meant to move, just yet. Because it’s just not the time for it.

Now my computer is doing good. And so my applications. I am pressing the green button in a Speedy Gonzalez manner. Hence awaiting the change.

Changes occur in their time, not in our time.
Lesson learned! The time of the change, not mine.
Ole! Hit, hit that floor. Now hands up: Pray

Have you watched Wimbledon’s male final? Well, it’s something like that. Bit by bit, the balance of the result could weigh West or East, North or South. Oh, compass of my life, how intricate you are!

Sure thing, I am not getting bored. No, no, no!

Altogether, December is not only the month of planning, of emotional and financial balance. It could be more about energy cleaning, applying hygiene to emotions and people. About clearing the way for the better. Since it’s the last month, let it be the best and most productive month of the year in terms of balance, clarity and final set milestones. Now manifest a  wonderful upcoming year.

It's the final countdown!

Anything or anybody unaligned or uncompatible with our soul's wishes or mission, should remain here, in 2019, as we hug angel number 2020.

And it’s not that I give my attention to waiting. Not at all! I feel the energies. That’s what’s intriguing. You feel the vibe, yet the message is not yet delivered. Again, there might be several energies, not just one. We shall see in due time.

Christmas is almost here,
I should be able to see the light of the “house” in no time.
How is the light in your Home? Is it candlelight, dim light or bright light?
Mine is around the corner.
No sooner than later, all roads lead us Home.

Damascus, how are you feeling tonight, babe?

I know I am visualizing myself walking down your streets ...

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