Saint Nicholas, Here Is My List

Idei de cadouri de Mos Nicolae

Saint Nicholas, the Miracle Maker

Dearest Saint Nicholas,

Oh, Miracle Maker,

Bless us with Light, Love and Honey,

Children left their boots by the window,

May you fill them with sweets and candy,

To wonderful destinations have us landing,

Children listen to their parents,

Otherwise no mending,

Saint Nicholas will leave in a stick …

Our boots full of candy,

A miracle turned them into money,

Peace of mind and blessings in full landing

Although it’s a Christian celebration, the Feast Saint Nicholas reminds me a lot of my childhood in Damascus. There was this one time I received sticks full of candies and a pair of the reddest possible red boots full to the brim with sweets. If I am not mistaken I am visualizing them in my room in the Vilas District. Those sticks and boots are very vivid, to this day, in my memory. I have loved them!

Legenda lui Mos Nicolae
Let there be sweet Light and Honey …

Oh, Miracle Maker Saint Nicholas,

Keep us all blessed.  And may your bottomless sack fill each Life with the Miracles it so much needs.

0,0000001 is the code, carved on my wish. I stuck it on my boots. The possibilities of the Universe are infinite and always end at least in 1. If miraculously lucky, 1 can even turn into 2 or 3 choices. Hence, one is given the possibility to choose.

As the Legend has it, Nicholas was born in a wealthy family. Unfortunately, he was orphaned by the loss of both of his parents. O he gave away his wealth to help the needy.

Also according to the legend, Saint Nicholas saved three daughters of a man who was too poor to ensure their dowry. So he was on the verge of “giving them away”. On different nights, Saint Nicholas left a sack of golden coins, for each one of the girls, to prevent the father from having them given away. Hence, Saint Nicholas saved the day.

Also, He is said to have saved three men convicted to death by the wrath of the emperor.

In the Romanian region of Ardeal, Saint Nicholas is referred to as Sân Nicoară.

Rosary Rose,

Praying petals,

Manifesting Miracles of Magic December ...

2020 is ahead of us all,

The number of big changes, all in all,

A Brand New path of 2020 resulted in 4

The number of strong foundations 

The number of stability


In the meantime, Saint Nicholas here is my wish list:

Boot No.1 : May you fill my path with Love upon Love. I cannot have enough of it. May I be given strength to go on playing the alchemist, just like Merlin; hence go on making love to the now.  

Boot No. 2: May you clear my way. Will you have anything or anybody unaligned with me detoured so that they will not be passing into 2020 with me?

Boot No.3: FOOD for the CHILDREN of the Universe. Let there be PEACE worldwide.

That's it! 1,2,3... Ole!

Hold my hand, Dear Miracle Maker.

Lead me on my path.


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