New Week, New Monday and New Full Moon 2019 – New Manifestations 2020

New Full Moon

New Week, New Monday and New Moon 2019 - New Manifestations 2020

On Wednesday, the twelfth of this December it’s the last Full Moon of the decade! The last Full Moon of the Year! And here goes the final lap of this year’s marathon.

It’s very worth mentioning it sets the path for the new year in perfect synchronization.
The Moon enters its final stage on the 12th of the month no: 12 at 12:12 a.m. So why not bet our chances on a very harmonious end of the year and the beginning of a prolific 2020?

What’s more to it, it’s a full month in Gemini. Hence I can’t wait to see what manifestations it has got in hand for me.

2019, how kind you have been!

Dearest 2019, I should thank you for the following:

Meeting new people and new cultures

The international project I was part of at the beginning of the year, which has made my mind travel from Istanbul to Dakar, and from Sofia to Saudi Arabia and back to Aleppo and Bucharest. That’s quite of a story only to suit a marketing integrator! Sometimes a stroke of acknowledgement received from people you meet for the first time regarding your writing or other skills is the motivating trigger to stick to. Add up coal to the chimney! Add up - poems, stories, and hymns of life.

The main reason I said “Yes” to the project was because I wanted to change the vibration of my life.
Whenever we elevate our vibration the circumstances and people of our lives change. Only what's in alignment with us stays.

Thank you, 2019, for having me deployed in two old "contexts" just to see how much of a brand new person I have become and how far I have come. And the best of the best - is yet to come.

As for people, I could say that at present those who stick around are a few, of the best and finest quality. So thank you, 2019, for the final stage of integrative cleaning of my environment! I am ready to receive the warm embrace of magical Christmas.


God has given me endless time for and with myself. I must admit the waiting was a bit rough around the edges, at times.
As an integrator, I have always had to deal with lots of people and give the best of myself. After years of burnout, it was either I stopped or I went on with chronic fatigue. God enabled the first. And blessed I am! I wouldn’t have had the courage to take this kind of leap.
I do have a saying: my best ropes are with and from God. Can you imagine how lucky I am?

Good News Is Good Omen

Receiving news on the day of the Holy Rosary was more than welcome. I had prayed and prayed for people to be ok and out of imminent jeopardy. Thus the good news is a good omen. After all, miracles have always happened in June and in December, in my life. I have come to realize that years ago, I had started a new cycle in the 12th month of the year. Last year, I closed that circle at the end of last year. And this December, a new manifestation is in full progress.

The long walks

Thank you 2019 for giving me the time and place to enjoy my long walks both in Bucharest and by the Bosphorus.

Oh, how could I forget that day when I walk up in Arnavut Köy, only to realize I had walked 11 km or more ... My feet wouldn't stop. They just flowed with the amazing breeze of the miraculous Bosphorus, and went on, and on, and on.

Although I haven’t been travelling after the “Istanbul project”, the time I spent in nature was priceless. I’ve loved autumn in Bucharest. It’s as if this year had additional strokes of magic to it.

The Books and the Writing

This year I have had the opportunity to read books in a relaxed manner. And not only have I had time to indulge and live side by side with the characters of every book, also, I could spend time writing. Imagining and visualizing the book, I am writing already. May God give me the inspiration and skills I need to carry on with this project.

Enjoying the Now

I’ve enjoyed the now, made Love to and with it. Thank God, there weren’t cases of turbulences, calling ambulances or any other catastrophic events for me. And I am very grateful for this. TRULY.


I thank you, 2019, for you have taught me to love and accept myself as I am.
Thank you, for having me come across circumstances where I have felt young and maybe even beautiful - I felt good and relaxed in my own skin.

I can’t wait for what’s next. Good-bye, 2019. And thank you! 🙏

In 2020 we’ll have that nice, sweet, prosperous hug, won’t we?

Make sure you write down your wishes for 2020. The universe has got ears ready to hear and manifest our deepest desires.

“Your wishes are my utmost command,
Coal warm, set the heart on fire,
I cannot wait to manifest your utmost desire,” said genie of the Corolla waving his long hair.
See you in 1, 2, 3... angel number 2020
New Full Moon

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