Marie Fredriksson – Listen to My Heart: You Are Forever Loved

3 November 1989 – Listen to Your Heart – Roxette

 Marie Fredriksson 

Listen to My Heart: You Are Forever Loved

“Every time I played my tape player”, dear Marie

Every time I see you oh tape I try to play you right away
And when we meet it seems I can't get enough
Oh, baby!
Every time I play your songs I feel I'm blooming like a flower
Blooming like a rose
Blooming like a rose
Heated by the warmth
Talking to myself
Getting refreshed by the dew
It's such a warm, warm town
Oh, it's such a warm town
Oh, Roxette, I can’t get enough of you
Oh no, I can’t get enough of you
Playing it over and over again
Until there are more roses blooming there
May your soul find Peace and Light, Marie
Blooming like a flower
Blooming like a flower

Roxette is the band to remind me of my beautiful Damascus

Every song sings a different location, a different residence.

It’s not the place though. It’s the feeling, baby!

“Na nanananaanana she’s got the Look!

Caught me in her hook

A jamais

A warde”

I’d spend my time, making remembrance of every keynote of the verses sung by you, dearest Marie

And I was stricken to learn about your cancer, Marie

Not to say, devastated.

So I stepped into my corolla of roses,

Listened to the beat of the heart,

The heart of the Rose,

And petal by petal,

Prayed for your soul,

To embrace the magic…

The Light of Roxette

Has reverberated all along

Bit by bit,

Our every cell has been touched

By the petals of your songs,

To the vibration of your voice, Roxette,

The Heart sang:

It must have been Love

And it will always be

For your songs linger

Marie, your voices have been the Joyride

To see us through

Gates of sentiment

Portals of vulnerability

Stories of feelings

Roxette - Light

The 80s

When lyrics vibrated silk and velvet

Beautiful eyes have met

Oh, for now, Marie,

I am spending my time,

Praying for your beautiful soul

Petals united

Bead by bead,

Gratefulness bid

For the blissfulness your every song

Has bestowed upon hearts

Petals of  sheer magic

I am here,

Listening to my heart

Embracing you and your remembrance

Praying for you, dear Marie

Please accept my petals

Their seeds I’ve grown,

Right over here,

Amidst this corolla

And this very moment,

I am spending my time

Praying for you...

“A little piece of heaven
Turns into" petals ...
“And it’s a cold
Winter day
I dream away…”


Dear Marie

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