Alhamdulillah – Damascene Rose



Alhamdulillah means “Thank (You) God” in Arabic.
To me,
Alhamdulillah expresses the enlightened state of gratefulness.
Alhamdulillah is the state of blissfulness for being alive.
And it’s deep
So to speak
Just like the Arabic language is the Ocean
To meet only the Heavens and the Skies
Of the utmost gratefulness
Alhamdulillah vibrates the energy of the breeze of the Universe
Love for the essence of Life
It’s the faith!
The catalyst prayer,
Purifies layer by layer,
BE now,
Not a strayer
But a believer
In the magic of the NOW
“What about us?
They are at war with us!
Have forced us to relocate!
Kicked us off our country 
The young lady said it best back then:
Everybody has forsaken us but God!
Keep the faith
Alhamdulillah to the highest state elates
Alhamdulillah exudes Love
For what is love if not gratefulness for the Source of Life?
What is life if not love for the Source of it all?
Alhamdulillah is the prayer
Verses of the poem
Lyrics of unwavering faith
The mission of the higher self
Not lying on the shelf

I have loved the breeze of  You

The breath of You

Caressing my cheeks

Sweet embrace

Sunny kiss on my forehead

My dearest mother source

Sunny Damascus

To me,
Of the six languages I speak, Alhamdulillah renders deeper the sense of it, because I feel it infinite, borderless, shoreless… just like Arabic, my first mother tongue!
And it means  “Gracias a Dios”, “Merci Bon Dieu”, “E Bun Dumnezeu”, “Thank (You) God”…

Alhamdulillah is the flow of the rivers

Turned into a beautiful shiver

Even when challenges deliver

The unwavering faith overcomes them all

One by one

Till she comes back to you,

Dearest rose corolla

Thank you,



Rosary Rose

Spread your wings

Gratefulness is all we need


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