History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

History Repeats Itself

History repeats itself. Or time comes back.

Character is what defines us in times of crisis.

Times of emergency are there to squeeze our essence and extract what there is. One cannot give away what there isn’t it!

The very moment life pushes us to the limit, what’s inside of us splashes out.

There could be two possibilities.

Something fantastic will come out of it.

Creativity? Grit and determination? Maybe even growth.

An end and a brand new beginning?


Putrefaction? Falsity and poor character?

The disintegration of what there is as a consequence of what there isn't?

One cannot weave on a fragile canvas.

And history repeats itself. Or time comes back.

We don’t get to choose our family and relatives.

Sometimes there can be quite difficult personalities.

Selfishness will pick up even more selfishness.

Beautiful characters will sew even more seeds of beauty.

What’s not in there, in time, won’t appear or grow for the better.

It all comes down to the seed, our personal dough. The material we are made of.

When crisis strikes, boy! You’d better be ready and steady.

What’s not aligned is to be ignored, and ignored, and ignored, till it’s out of sight.

“This once – just this once, I will be nice. I promise. I won’t fake it anymore. As of tomorrow, I will become a better person (sister, brother, husband,  wife…). I promise I won’t be cheating on you anymore.  When we communicate, I will also be into you. I won’t be only into me. I’m into me,  I’m into me… This time, it will be different. I am seeing a shrink and I have been working on my personal growth and healing…”

My ...., my life, my dog… My


History repeats itself. Often times.
Once there was this scorpion and this turtle.  The scorpion had always been bad to the turtle. Bullied her whenever he got the chance. This very one time, the scorpion approached the turtle. The fire was ablaze and he needed to cross the lake. He couldn’t swim though. So the scorpion approached the turtle and begged her to have it cross the lake on its shell.
“Why would I have you cross the lake on the back of my shell? You’ve always been very rude to me.”
“I beg of you, turtle, just this once. I promise I will be nice to you. Just help me escape the fire. I know I've been nasty and bad. From now, I will be different. I promise, I promise, I promise.”
The turtle’s heart softened and accepted to help the scorpion. While traversing the water, the scorpion just couldn’t help it and stung the turtle which died almost instantly. You see the scorpion meant well when saying he’d be better but he just couldn’t help it. It was in his nature.

Who can stop the flow of nature?

What I’ve always known, herein, within, is that when they don’t see you, they don’t feel for you. Be them close circle, family or whoever.

Alejandro Sanz says it best “el alma que no ve, es alma que no siente, alma que te miente, amor”
 The soul that doesn’t see you is a soul that doesn’t feel, that lies to you, darling
History Repeats Itself

So if you were down there sick and they weren’t there to hold your hand or care for you, most probably, they won’t be in your good times either. Or when history repeats itself, and you’re in-between, the same behaviour shall be displayed. Nevertheless, it just teaches us how to become better readers of character.

In such cases, it’s always going to be about me and I.

My car, my lashes, my family, my… - you name it.

It won’t change. Because that’s the dough. And when you step out of the circle, distance yourself from the environment, they’ll have something against you.

As for those who are there irrespective of the weather, Oh boy! Those are miracles of life. The best manifestations of the Divine breeze.

Sometimes such liaisons won’t last forever. There will come a day when a cycle comes to an end. Nevertheless, whenever you will think of these beautiful miraculous persons, a big wide smile will appear on your face.

Eventually, it all comes down to leaving petals of oneself behind. It’s up to us to decide what we’d leave behind as a legacy.

Love and kindness, perhaps?

Stories are self-defence. Especially, when there’s a newcomer in the family. Give them a story. See how they react. Sometimes the story you give them is true, partially, or even created. It doesn’t matter! We can only get to see in accordance with the level of our perception.

A reason unknown, I have always been into my life.
I have always been too busy minding my own grass, as the saying goes. Reading takes time. Writing takes creativity, patience and time. Long walks take time. Projects take initiative and time. Success takes grit, passion and time. Manifesting a 180-degree change takes time. So to be honest, I don’t have the time to mind other people’s flourishing success or greener grass. Actually, if I get to see it or hear about it, I find it quite inspiring. Who would decline fresh strokes of optimism and positivity derived from someone else's success?

That’s why I don’t take any delight in being forced into delivering self-defence stories. It’s like the rendezvous or at times, even the job interview turns into an interrogation. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I had been interrogated quite often. And this is a story to be recounted on a future occasion, gladly.

Furthermore, I am only blessed and very happy to have all those unaligned with my frequency behind, gone from my life. And for this, I am infinitely grateful.

People get upset when you ignore their sheer presence in order not to treat them the way they have. The moment you’d do that, you’d become them.

And that’s not you! So you ignore them and walk away… making space for new magic, new connections and new ties to come in. Door wide open.

Hence, history repeats itself.

The eyes of their souls had priorly met.

They might meet again. Very soon...

For time comes back… luckily, in a very positive sense.

The best is yet to manifest!

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