DONATE A Meal, a CHRISTMAS Meal. Will You?

Donate - Damascene Rose

Donate a meal, a Christmas meal.

Will you?

Surfing out there

The add popped up

I first shrugged

What a terrible situation, dearest humanity!

Then I hugged,

Hence sentences stepped in:

“Hunger stuck to my bones,
I am numb and feel no more
Why was I born?
I am hungry...
So very hungry
Deprived of life's essentials
Striving has become quintessential
What would you do if you were in my shoes?
How would you feel if you were me...?
Can't you hear my stomach grumble?
Can't you feel I am fighting for survival?
Is nobody there?
God I beg for MERCY”

DONATE A MEAL, a Christmas meal. Will you?

This link grants us the opportunity to act with humanity,

In several variants


Check out for yourself!

Small and small
Turned big,
Little by little
Flowed the river,
When love is the way,
Nothing stands in the way.
When love is the way,
Humanity saves the day ...

Push that "I donate" button,

Don't be a wig

Humanity is the gig

The elevated league

Humanity is the new classy and sassy

Extract that drop of Love

And have it grow

Big, big, big...

This month, if not every month, make it 10% plus

The saint percentage

Comes back

What goes around comes around
Let's get into this beautiful work of life
Called Humanity

Do it, do it, NOW!!!

Donate, donate, NOW!!!

Remember! A small act of humanity can turn into a large number of children fed

It's the 3rd Millenium

Wake up, people!

Wake up, wake up, wake up…

"What would Love do now?"

That is the question

"How can I be of help?"

How would all of the Ascended Masters advice?

The piece of advice is always the same

Love thy neighbor

Do good

Sew seeds of love

Fill the reservoir with kindness

And GIANT loafs of BREAD

for the Children of the Universe

Dive, dive in...

CREATE MAGIC! It all starts right over here 

D o n a t e   NOW


Make love to the NOW

Donate - Damascene Rose

Photo: World Food Programme

Disclaimer: I have made this share by free choice. Spirit urged me to. I am not affiliated to any kind of  organization. 

I am doing my best in staying connected to the endless flow of abunding love. Most importantly, I am striving to be and stay connected to the endless river of humanity... I know you are also connected! I feel it, right over here 

My donation wasn't generous, from my point of view. The above message is an automatic kind reply. At present, I am in-between projects... and the donation I have made just keeps me connected to the river of humanity. It might not be Lady-like to post the fact that I have made the donation. YET!!! "Be the change you want to see in the world" I have only made a tiny step, in this respect... And YES, I believe we need to speak of acts of KINDNESS more and more often. Apparently, the world needs it!

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