Fares, I’m On Love Express Coming Home – Garden of Roses – 5

Love Express

Fares, I’m On Love Express Coming Home

 Garden of Roses – 5

Love Express, Love Express...

“Knock, knock! Fares, are you there? Or are you putting your daughter to sleep?”

Mariam waits for a few minutes.

“Tell ya what, I’ll just drop you a few lines, right over here.

Fares, I am at the station sitting on my suitcase waiting for the train. It’s taking me to the next destination. Love Express is making its way through. Passing through the foggy mountains to reach beyond. I am embarking on a brand new dimension. It's connected to our essence, our universe, Fares."

“Do you remember the time when we played with the  railway train?

We were at my place. It was a huge railway.

I can only imagine it’s making its way through the mountains.

Leaving the dense fog and toxicity behind. Oh, Fares if you only knew the number of seeds I have tried to grow over there. The soil wasn’t fertile.

I have tried all the magic. In truth, I might have even invoked Merlin the Magician, a few times. Did the petals trick, cast our magic spell, as much as I could remember it. Practice makes perfect. Yet, it's not the same without you, my dearest rose.

It’s all about the foundation… And the soil didn’t allow for the garden to flourish.

It lacked humbleness and unwavering faith!

Consequently, I am taking my petals and moving forward. No looking back!

Just staying connected to our essence and to “That Place We Call Home – The Garden of Roses.

I have closed a whole circle down, Fares. It’s full circle. And it feels like nothing has ever happened since I have stepped out of the Garden. As if time had stopped and waited, and waited, like Miss Havisham, for the Divine Moment to manifest.”

The waiter comes along and Mariam pauses to ask for a double espresso and a bottle of Perrier. She thanks the waiter, discretely checks upon her red lipstick, opens her pack of cigarettes and lits one. Taking a deep breath of the cigarette in, exhales heart-shaped smoke. She indulges the moment, gazing out of the window. The forest is dense and thick. The smell of fresh pine and fir invades the train wagon. The dose of oxygen urges Mariam to return to Fares
Love Express - Damascene Rose

“Fares, I must tell you they have tried to knock me down. But they couldn’t. They have perceived me as a stylish icon, a trophy to have, a property, not a soul to be nurtured and cared for. My dearest, I must tell you I have always believed in the universal algorithm of probabilities. Have I told you about this book I have recently read? It’s the Missing Rose by the Turkish writer Serdar Özkan.  And I am missing our Garden of Roses, so badly.

The excerpt is quite reassuring.

It speaks of this possibility of finding our match, our twin flame,  our true calling, the fulfillment of our dream projects, irrespective of the challenges. We must have the unwavering faith that we can achieve our dreams. Because we are the creators of our lives. So we ought to hang on. Keep hanging on!"

Faith is believing,  thus positive thoughts come about. 

Hope is vizualizing, thus dreams are created.

We imagine therefore we dream.

We speak therefore we become.

Yes, we visualize it therefore we succeed.

And yes, greatness requires patience and grit.

"They don't listen, Fares, they don't! Deaf to my keynotes, they stick to what their mind beholds. They won't step out of their personal bubble - their personae."

Mariam reaches for the small-sized book out of her purse and takes a photo of this paragraph which has remained imprinted in her mind. Then sends it over to Fares, to the other side of the wall. This time to the other side of the Facebook wall, and not of the thick wall which separated their apartments back Home
Excerpt - The Missing Rose by Serdar Özkan

“Now, let’s test your knowledge of statistics a little. So, tell me, what are the chances of you ever guessing the right song?”

“Next to nothing.”

“Exactly. Dividing the number of songs being sung by the number of possible answers gives us the probability of arriving at the correct song by means of guessing. 

The number of songs being sung is one. If you think of the songs which have been written all over the world of thousands of years, in hundreds of languages, by millions of songwriters, the number of possibilities can be counted in trillions. And if we add to 

that number the songs which haven’t yet been written but which are known to the rose, then we can say that we have an infinite number of possible answers. In that case, the probability of arriving at the correct song is the number one divided by infinity. And that’s the equation we have to know before we can learn how to hear roses. So, what’s one divided by infinity?”

“Zero, as far as I can remember.”

“Right, but if it were the usual zero, this would mean there was absolutely no chance that anyone could know which song the roses were singing. So, one over infinity equals a special zero.”

“Special zero?”

“I’m sure your knowledge of mathematics is greater than mine, Diana. But I’d still like to briefly go over the mathematical value of this equation with you.”

Let’s take any equation, one over some number… As the number by which one is divided increases, the number of zeros preceding one also increases in the answer to the equation. If we divide one by infinity, in the answer there will be an infinite number of zeros in front of one.

So, the answer would read as zero point zero zero zero, all the way to infinity. But even if we don’t see it, there’s always a one remaining at the far end of the answer. It’s zero, yet a special zero that ends with a one, even if it’s concealed in infinity.”
“Now this is very important. While the equation tells us that the probability of knowing the correct song by means of guessing is zero, it hints that it’s not impossible to arrive at the correct answer, because there’s a one at the end.”
Keeping the faith till the very end could manifest even 2 or 3, instead of 1. Miracles do happen for those who believe... It's the believers who manifest miracles. The eyes of the heart and the ears of the soul are to be trusted - always 

“Oh, I believe, I believe, I believe in my dreams…”

Fares, I am on the Love Express, on my way home.

I know I will make it. I feel it with all my being.

Cheers, friend!

There is only one way. And this is the way.

Moreover, the longer the wait, the sweeter the encounter.

As the saying goes: “Everything worth having is worth the wait.”

Isaiah 64:4 
Waiting is the process of becoming what God wants us to be. What God does in us while we wait is as important to God as what He does for us.

Can you believe our childhood dream is coming true?

Hopefully, the train will have reached its final destination by Christmas.

Can’t wait!"

Till then, wishing you all a magical Christmas in the comfort of your beloved ones! Much Love and Roses

Photos: Corry for Unsplash & Pinterest

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