A Magical Christmas – Indeed

Magical Christmas

A Magical Christmas – Indeed

Thank YOU!

Christmas has been about giving thanks to the Heavens and asking for nothing more.

About receiving what is, with a fully open heart!

Christmas has been about laughs and gags, about our traditional Romanian cake - COZONAC, as tasty as it can get. After two delicious different recipes coming out of two different ovens, my stomach is quite satisfied.  I haven’t exaggerated though. 😀

It goes without saying, Christmas has been about spending time with the family!

The perfumed lotion read Love Spell and Christmas vibrated

“Love well”

The kids – my nephews and nieces are more than adorable and they were part of the m a g i c.

Each one has their own persona, an exquisite personality, complex in its identity, spiced up with intricate talents.

Curly nephew "drove" the suitcase on wheels.

Then two suitcases on wheels raced in the living room.

Only to speed up one after the other, closely, into the kitchen!

Captain Arab hlewa took us on his journey as he showed us the printed boarding pass…

"Oh, by all means, Captain, tell me where I am flying next?"


Later on, I realized he was right about it. As the tradition has it, we celebrated the debut of the year in steps of waltz with the Wien Philharmoniker as we watched the New Year Concert.

Hence YES, the first stop of 2020 was Viena.

And definitely, Christmas has been about hugging. In our family, we are into hugging!

We hug a lot.

And when my nieces hug me, my heart melts.

And when my nephews smile, my heart elates.

That’s the Love boost, baby!

What a magical Christmas spirit...

That's the Miracle! Sometimes it turns out better than you could have envisaged.

Gimme more of that 

Magical Christmas

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