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Shall - Damascene Rose

Shall I…? Shall we…?

Shall I dance?
Or, shall I write?
I'll have my rose be my guide.
I hear the Spanish guitar
Play the song,
Ole! My heart!

Steps unfold
And discover the unknown
With courage and faith

Slowly and fast,
A journey to last

For the sojourn to the heart
Is one.

Surrender to your path,

Have the higher self speak,

Hearts joyfully leap!

Trust the heart
I mean

A poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, then raise it to nourish your beautiful parched, holy mouth. Hafiz

I have danced my way,
My sorrow,
Your books I’d like to borrow,
Kiss me now!
Don’t wait for the morrow
Now is the best time
Shall I or shall we?

Laugh your hearts out
Be happy and joyful

The Light in your eyes,
Can only inspire,
The being can only desire!
The song of your heart
Is rhythm of the guitar
Sets the tone of the dance
And I whirl and twirl till I reach your arms

Embrace me now!
Before long…
Set the heart on fire

Dance with me Life
Take me to the shore,
Now, before long

Set your life on fire,
Seek those who fan your flames – Rumi

Shall I dance or shall I write?
Or do both?
Isn’t writing a form of dance?
An ocean without shore
To dive whenever tuned
The higher self connects
There by the Straights they once met

The words you speak become the house you live in. Hafiz

You heart beat played the strings of the guitar…
Endless inspiration
Indulge the process of creation
A clean slate
A brand new beginning
In truth
In feeling
With passion and faith

The fragrance of your soul
Of the now and forevermore
The forever now
The song of now
Echoes of vibration
Tuned in with the creation

Shall I … or shall we?

Because this is a food our starving world needs
Because that is the purest sound - Hafiz

The heart loves it!
Dance your way…

Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends. Hafiz

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