Always Remember: I Love You, I Do

Love You Damascus - Damascene Rose

Always Remember: I Love You, I Do

I come from the Rose, the Damascene Rose...

The mother source,
The masterpiece exuding roses and jasmine,
The poem where rhymes are Love and Tenderness,
The womb to nurture a countless number of civilizations, 
The Spirit which cannot be contained in words

Always, when setting objectives and making life-turning decisions, I revert to the source for a long session of mental earthing.

I indulge Her Light, visualize my objectives for this year, until I feel them so strong and they become one with me. The eyes of my mind see how my objectives are attained.

My mind imagines the outcome and I start visualizing it, more and more.

Till I begin to feel it. That’s when the heart vibrates and brings about the manifestation of it.

It’s what quantic physics states. The more we actually visualize our dreams, our objectives, FEEL THEM, the higher the chances to manifest them.

Love You Damascus - Damascene Rose
Just like the lamp coming down from the ceiling, so are you,
City of Light, City of Love,
The source, the “Light upon Light”
Dimashq Al Munawarra

We are used to saying “New Year, new me”.

This is the first year in a raw of years when I feel it – right over here, that I am a new me. I am a new me, because I am an authentic me. Not what people envisage of me,  but me, and only me.

I know what I like, and what I don’t like.

And most importantly, what I am not willing to tolerate.

I know my objectives very well.

And of course I am dreaming and planning, working on my dreams.

Whilst some of them depend on me, entirely, others don’t.

My best friend in crime once told me: “The best thing this country has taught me is planning.”

True! Without planning, one cannot have progress.

And yet, the Divine Breeze has always inspired me and directed me.

I should have been gone by now, according to my planning. I should have relocated by now. And no, I don’t think it was me, not having the skills or related required

experience. I wasn’t allowed to budge for a reason.

Moreover, I have learned to trust HIM. Fully!

We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. Joseph Campbell

Through my darkest hours, I couldn’t understand the whys!!!!

“Why me? Why the mess?”

Sometimes everything falls apart to make room … for the better? for what’s actually us?

Sometimes it takes nine years to make that one piece of the puzzle budge.

And when that one piece of the puzzle falls into place, well, that’s magic!

It’s as if you feel the petals of luck falling straight out of Heaven.

I used to read a lot of posts on social media rendering this aforementioned idea.

How could I forget? I’d stare and think: what in the hell could come out of this?

Where is the good in this? Why, but why? Will I ever be able to make it out of this labyrinth? Will I get rid of this hamster wheel of putrefaction?

I am close to catching a glimpse of the whole picture. I have it, but not all of it

One thing though - if I could turn back time, I’d love myself more.

Maybe that’s was the lesson!

Still the letter came back to her from the Heart of Damascus

You give love and one day… when you expect it the least, BANG!!! It all comes  back to you, unexpectedly, from persons or places you haven’t imagined.

 That’s the beauty of Life, isn’t it?

So all along, I hanged on, and returned to my base – the core of my being, Damascus for the session of mental "earthing".

As for my book, it’s a story in progress and I am visualizing it everyday.

Of course, I have other objectives as well. Four of them are major. And one of these four pillars is to take care of myself by keeping the harmony work – me/my life. It sounds like a line from a movie and yet, peace of mind is quite important.

I’ll be back. For now, I shall visit the chambers of this exquisite traditional Damascene house, one by one. Dance my way through twenty-twenty...

"Shall we? And tell me, how about you? What’s your main resolution in twenty-twenty?

Tell me more about that …"

Love You – Damascus
Love You - Damascus
Love You - Damascus
Love You - Damascus
Love You - Damascus
Love You - Damascus

Always Remember: 


I Love You, I Do!

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