Are You An Arab?

Arab - Damascene Rose
Are You An Arab?

Tale as old as time... curiosity killed a cat!

When people ask me “Inti 3arabiye?  - Are you Arab?”

I answer “Yes, I am Damascene.”

I am connected to my beautiful mother source, forever and always.

Moreover, there are 22 Arab states and yes, they don’t resemble each other – if I may.

Even within the countries of the Levant, there seem to be differences.

Truth be told, I haven’t mingled or spent much time with Arab people.

Not by choice, but by circumstances of Life.

When people ask me “Inti Suriye?  - Are you Syrian?”

I answer Yes. I am Damascene. As you know I have stepped out of the Garden of Roses.

To the Rose, the Damascene Rose I am connected.

When people ask me “Inti Roumaniye?  - Are you Romanian?”

I answer Yes. I am Damascene Romanian.

When people ask me “Where are you from?”

I answer, very naturally, "I am a hybrid". Proud to be a Damascene Romanian, borne together with mother’s womb in Dimashq’s larger womb. It’s a womb in a womb, a petal in a petal, and a story in a story. We are all interconnected. We are ONE.

However, these might be “shallow” questions – if I may. Does it really matter? Aside from the richness and the beauty multiculturality brings about, does it truly matter? I will be developing on this interrogation and testing, testing side of the story. Stay tuned for more!
And for Heaven’s sake, we are all human! So how about we gave it a try and remembered what humanity and tolerance are? Be humane, not jut human... The Mother Earth - GAYA cannot contain the hatred, the SELFISHNESS and the negativity we, humans, have been putting out there, for a while now. That's why we keep witnessing disasters...
Moreover, I can count on my fingers the number of times I have been asked the following questions:

“Are you OK?”

“Do you feel Ok?”

“What’s your favourite meal?”

“Bidek shi?”  = “Senin icin yapabilecegim bir șey var mı?” = “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Of course, the sense of the question is not: “Oh yes, I ‘d have 3 Ferraris tinged with 3 Chanels!”

We are very busy, nowadays. Very.

Are we any different?

When a Romanian male asks me “How much did you pay for the website?”

How should I answer him?

“It’s none of your business?”


When a Syrian male asks me “How much do you earn? When are you planning to buy a house?”

How should I answer him?

“It’s none of your business?”


When an Arab tells me “What other ladies do is none of my business!” how do I answer that?

“You’re a gentleman!”


When a Romanian of Ardeal asks me “Cum te simți? How do you feel?” How do I answer?

“You’re a kind gentleman!”


Arab - Damascene Rose
While you are so into what she does, who she is hanging with, why she’s single, please do ask yourself:

Does she like you?

Does she see you?

Is there anything about your persona that interests her?

Would she like to have that damn coffee?


Maybe “How are you?”, “Are you Ok?”, “Is there anything I could do for you?”, ought to be the questions we ask each other, quite often?

No doubt about it!

How much do you earn? Who are you making out with? is personal.

And personal is a private business.

Are we truly different as races, nations and religions, or are we just a mirror of one another?

“You are different!”

“You too.”


“Yes, you are. You bear two worlds with you and that scares me!”

“And you bear at least three-dimensional worlds. You are an eccentric creative, dressed like a clown, your speech shocks people and makes them frown. You’re complex and you shift quite often from one idea to another. ”

 Two hearts alike

 Felt for one another,

 Hence two heartbeats

 Spoke to each other

 Telepathy is the song of Love



 “Rosary Rose,

Let’s step into the garden,

I must indulge the feeling of Humanity” 

The best feeling ever… especially, in 2020
Have a great one!



And when all is gone begone, the sunrays of Damascus shall reverberate …
She is a type of immortality, as described by Mark Twain.

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