The Damascene Rose Included on UNESCO s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List

Everybody has forsaken us but God

As I connected to the realm of the Rose, of the Damascene Rose, I stumbled upon this piece of news, dating December 13, 2019 on SANA - the Syrian Arab News Agency.

Hence I couldn’t believe to my eyes and so joyful was I to learn that the Damascene Rose has been included on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Alas!

Of course it was included! The perfume of the rose, of the Damascene Rose is the purest essence of humanity. Known as Rosa Damascena and Damask Rose, marking both my longing and her belonging, Damascene Rose is the symbol of the cultural heritage of Damascus: perfumes, exquisite cuisine and delicacies prepared with the water of roses, hub trade and endless magical stories of the oldest continuously inhabited Capital of the World.

The legend says that roses are godesses descended from Venus to teach us, humans, Love. And blessed are we, for our fertile and beneficial soil has brought about our precious Damascene Rose. Blessed is the world to have cherished with us her benefits. God bless the Damascene Rose! And God bless us all! 

Damascene Rose

La Rosa Damascena es el perfume del anima

La mermelada delicioasa de los petalos


Los recuerdos de nuestra magica infancia

El cancion que nos abraza

El perfume que nos da la esencia

El agua de la vida - el agua de rosas

Un miraglo integrador ...

Como el miragloso Damasco

The Damascene Rose is a hybrid rose derived from Rosa Gallica and Rosa Moschata. And it stems from the fertile soil of my mother source Damascus. In Arabic, it is called Al Warda Al Shamiya. And we both do have something in common, don’t we? We are both hybrids...

Moreover, the Damascene Rose is very fragrant. She’s renowned for her unmistakable fragrance. Its water is pure freshness. Her essence is le parfum d’amour and the fragrance of the senses. Her 3-5 folds of petals are edible and taste the perfect jam. She is much more than a rose. The embodiment of nourishment, she dances in the skirts of happiness, waving her silky edible petals. Oh, I remember that unique taste!

Conceived amidst the fertile soil of Damascus, which bore me too, she has lived with a vast number of civilizations.

For Damascus has opened the gates and welcomed them all and yet, never has she altered her identity.
She has waltzed with the roles of conqueror and conquered. As for her identity, she has been herself, always.
No conqueror has ever been able to alter neither her identity, nor her fragrance.

And just like the source, the mother source, the Damascene Rose is delicate, but not fragile. She survives it all.

We all stand tall when we speak of our mother source. How could we not? She is DAMASCUS, our darling Dimashq. Our Rose, our Damascene Rose...

Rosa Damascena contains more than 300 compounds in its structure, which makes it very therapeutical body, mind, spirit, as well as on an emotional level too.

Since ancient times, roses have been associated with Love - it goes without saying, and very importantly, emotions. It is antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, antidepressant - of course, the perfume of love refreshes the mind. It is a tonic for the heart, hence so it is, an integrative healing potion called Love.

Roses are Love
Love is the Healer
Rosa Damascena is the Loving Healer
The Rose of Humanity - The Rose of Damascus

Furthermore, it is also a well-known fact that the people of Damascus had opened their home to refugees and immigrants, in times of war. Their homes, not their tents! Three different persons, located in three different countries, recounted the above-mentioned story. And so it is!

Our welcoming dear Rose...
Blessed may she be for this UNESCO acknowledgement!
Blessed may we be for this outstanding Heritage of Culture, Life Stories, and true Love!
A Rose Bearing the Heritage of Damascus
الوردة الشامية
The Damascene Rose  

Photo: Pinterest & SANA

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