The Pretty Silky Red Dress


The Pretty Silky Red Dress

Red is passion, red is Love.

I’ll hang my pretty silky red dress, up above.

Ready to set sail,

Oh, seas! It’s you I hail.

Red is addictive,

Red is infinite,

Once you fall for it,

There is no way out of it!

Red is the lipstick on your cheek,

The joie de vivre making the heart leap

Red is strawberry,

Today I’ll have raspberry

Red is the tumultuous dance,

Turtle steps towards your arms

Breath in the leap of faith,

All enhanced

Give red a chance!

Tonight I shall dance

El Flamenco is the beat,

Hearts to heart speak

Of joy and love the folds of the dress leap,

Red is not the colour to skip

Her red meaty lips

Do kiss!

Love of dew do sip,

Lip and lip hence do link

Red is this exquisite chair,

An architect by the name,

Had it brought here

Le rouge d’amour out of the purse,

The lyrics go reverse

Lip liner to contour,

The set up let us conjure

Louboutin or Jimmy Choo?

I love red with fuchsia too!

No more ado,

Red is the lace

The success to undress,

The heart of the lioness,

Don’t turn this into a mess.

Red or fuchsia?

Take a guess!

I’ll have them both,

But, first things first.

It’s red!

Red lipstick on

A new story, one more


Where’s my coffee at?

Where’s my coffee at, Abdullah?

You make me feel,

You make me feel...

It’s velvet and silk, baby!

It’s velvet and silk, baby!

Her silky breeze,

Brings the ease


It’s where they’ve met

Abdullah!!! I need that coffee.

Hush, now!

Red is Rosy, here on the very left.

In the Garden of Roses

Where the Family of the Souls join

Reddish red
Crimson red
Pinkish red
Red is red!
And destiny - has it all read...

Photo: Pinterest

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