Without You


Without you

Without you –

All the days are the same

Foggy and lame

Without your presence –

There is no dew of the essence

Without you –

Days are not!

With you –

The Rose flourishes

In your presence –

I go back to the essence

With you –

Flowers bloom

It’s always: I love you, I do!

Every moment anew

And love renews

I open my eyes

And it’s you

The fountain pen 🖋 signed your name

It just sprang from it!

The spirit of the rose

Crossed the rivers

Ms Ocean waited

For what is fated!

No matter what,

I’ll always have you

My rose, my Damascene Rose

I love you, I do!

All of my posts come from within, hear in:

I have no statement to make.

For now, I have got my mood and vision boards for the petals of my book.

In the meantime, Damascene born Mariam is finding her way back Home.  And ships 🛳 are coming in…

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