Lights on!

Dear Universe, bring it on!

Here I come,

My rosary boat âš“ is approaching,

And the petals are blooming,

Rosary hope

Petals do belong!

Damascus, to your sweet embrace I long


Play the reggaeton, the sea 🎵,

I cannot wait to see the ship

Come along.

I am on the pier,

Your song I already hear 👂 

Petals wavering in a pirouette,

To enter the Gates.

The Heavenly course,

The matrix of life moulds

Brighton’s beautiful pier upholds!

I glimpse and glimpse,

Sunny rays reflect on the shore

The ship its due course holds,

And Brighton, the heart longs...

Lights on, Brighton, lights on!

And the ship called ”Brightness”

Comes along...

Brighton - Damascene Rose

Photo credit: Pinterest 

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