A Narcissist… Maybe The Toughest Life Lesson of Them All


The narcissist mum... Maybe The Toughest Life Lesson of Them All

A narcissist,

Bitch to the very veins,

The centre of the Universe,

Loving herself in every sense

Self-centred to the bone,

The narcissist loved oneself alone,

A child cried and moaned!

Till one day, the moan turned into loathing,

Sheer void and an empty closet

She kicked her daughter out of the house, for the 3rd time,

There must be a Source of Light 💡 

Somewhere around...

”Is it me you’re writing about? ”

”No! It’s not you. Why in the hell would I be writing about you? Jeez!!!

”Then, why so many notebooks?”

”Well, since you’ve asked for it,

I’ll dedicate you a post,

Your toxicity is to be exposed”

The plane is about to take off,

She is looking forward to leaving,

For good!

God willing...

Why in the rose do we get to have mums

if they aren’t to Love us? asked she.

If we are not to receive the unconditional love of our mums, who is to give us love anyway?



The narcissist mum

A nuclear bomb,

Disrupting the child’s evolution from the womb...

Their feelings throb

Till one day!

That one day,

By God’s mercy, the child feels unconditional love,

Alas Miracle!

The overall mechanism changes for good,

Rescuing themselves from the loop

Stepping out of the hood,

She won’t see the witch, any longer

Faith and self-love made her stronger

Good-bye, intricate havoc,

Manipulative behaviour,

Endless swamp of critics

She spat them all,

Not just by mimics.

Good-bye Cruela de Vil,

You’ll have no stracciatella,

You’re a mere devil 

May God have Mercy 🙏

Light upon Light 🔆 

Upon your soul,

Behind she’s leaving it all 🌊

The sunny vibes are the best cure,

As you have it in the link

”Come on sweetie,

Let’s go!”


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