A Writer By The Name V. Descended From The Ceiling


A Writer By The Name V.

V. with a pen,

A writer by the name,

Inspiration captured flame,

He saw Her - the mother source

As a character of my book,

His E-writing is Pure,

Maybe, we’ll meet for sure

Thank you for the moment!

The rubber - a 
gift from the universe

signed V.

Came to me

A writer,

resembling Van Gogh in style,

Tides are high and low,

Abundant is the creative flow

Landed from the ceiling

with a mug of fruit tea,

Pen and notebook,

A beautiful mind to the library descended.

Green leaves came down from the ceiling,

Adding to the unexpected encounter meaning

Thank you, for the gift
Thank you, for seeing Damascus

As one of the main characters of the book,

For sure, she’s got the look,

I’m caught in her hook,

Always here, in the neighbourhood -

Al Midan

Dazzling is her beauty,

I am walking in my hoodie

V. sprinkled petals of inspiration,

A beautiful moment renders elevation

Magical is the synchronicity of the universe,

Can’t wait to wear my converse,

One more verse,

One more story,

Added to the corolla of the rose

I’d tell Khalil Gibran,

The universe has safely guarded

What’s mine - 

It’s manifesting and aligned


The encounter was pleasant

A clock struck 9,

Back in 91,

We are all One

Under the Sun


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