Narcissistic Witch

Narcissistic Witch

The Narcissistic Witch

The narcissistic witch played Kunf Fu Fighting

Instead of fighting her own demons,

She kept playing her daughters like backgammon

Narcissism - sourer than a lemon

Cabbage, lemon 🍋 , cabbage, lemon 🍋 

The sense of possession,

Held grip of their condition

Havoc, chaos and allegation,

Communication delivered in triangulation

She told me to tell you...

Gifts were needed -

“How much does the love,

The love of a narcissist cost?”

“Steep. Very steep.”

At times, faith needs a leap

Hang on, dear soul!

Jump a leap of faith

Hang on, hang on!

Oh, you wretched creature!

Sour, abnoxious mixture,

Engulfing rapture

What’s there?

An escape I see 

Here comes the offer,

I am hanging on a clover

To meet Fares, not just a lover,

True love is patient.

Dips in the infinite

For I know!

I shall forever and always

Return to you, my rose,

My dearest hybrid Damascene Rose

Stay close...

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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