Roses Are Love

Roses are love

Roses Are Love

Roses are love

Now and always


Roses are sunshine

Your smile on the pillow

Two hearts melt on the meadow


Roses are oxygen

Roses are wonderful hues

Two smiles blended

In the ”me and you”


Roses are perfume
Feelings in the core bloom


Roses are the dimples

In your cheeks

Whenever I see them

My heart leaps


Roses are the untold secrets

In her heart, nobody will she let

Feelings have crept and crept

Till the heart gave up what it felt

Thick walls don’t always melt


Roses know.

Roses know true love when they see it

They distinguish it from all they have heard

Love stands out


Roses are love -

For those who feel

Roses are serenades -

For those who hear

Roses are pearls -

For those who dive ocean deep

Roses are treasures

For the One


Roses have a profound inner eye

They see the unseen

Hear the unheard


Sunshine reverberates from their petals

Roses are warmth

Roses are tenderness


Guardian angels of the Garden of Roses

Roses are el flamenco fan

The shawl twirled and whirled

Sunny is the tan


Roses are the Sheherazade

’tis in this very garden that they met

Stories in the corolla never end

Aladdin on a magic carpet

1001 magic Damascene nights


Roses are stories

United in the corolla of spirit

Only those connected

Hear it!
Read it!
Feel it!
Believe it!


Roses are Love

Roses are.

Roses are love

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