Istanbul, How Do You Do?


Istanbul, How Do You Do?


It’s been a while. I haven't connected to your breeze, of late.  You know I love walking by your windy shores, dearest Bosphorus.

I love the Straights, ya Istanbul.

The Bosphorus is an amazing Miracle. And I have been praying for one, nowadays.

Encoded in the Damascene Light, the journey of my Life seems to have a code very difficult to decipher.

God willing, I have always been guided by my inner voice. Call it heart, call it intuition, there has always been an angel whispering words of guidance.

”Go straight forward!”

”Are you crazy? There is nothing there. Orası bir cıkmaz yol. It’s a dead-end, leading nowhere.”

”My dearest, there is no such thing. There is always a way out!”

”Nonsense! Angel, you’ve spent too much time in Florence. Come to your senses!”

”Go, go, go! Walk forward... Just keep going. The Heavens are about to open a brand new door for you. You just can’t see it yet.”


Tower of the Princess_Istanbul - Damascene Rose

”It seems I’ll have to transit the Straights on my way, anyway. Let me book my flight already.”

In the meanwhile:

”Abdüllaaaaaah where’s my coffee, please? Abdüllah, kahvem nerede, Abdüllah?”

”Oh, wait! This time I’ll have it in the heart of the Capital of Jasmine, with a pinch of water of roses.” 

Creative flow, let’s embark on the Arch of Moses... Where do we go from these straits? Turbulent, calm, breezy, uneasy and unknown straits...

This is the last lap of the waiting marathon.
You are to embark soon on the plane taking you to your destination. The seat has your name on it and nobody else in the entire universe can have it. It is yours. ’tis your God given gift. Upon reading your personal code, it allows you to sit on it. For now, connect to the truth your heart upholds.
Happy ❤️alentine’s Day!
There cannot be sufficient days to celebrate and cherish the Source of Love - ❤️, even while flying above the straights... 

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