S I M O N A and The Tie-break of My Life

Tie-break – Simona Halep – Damascene Tose

Simona And The Tie-Break of My Life

W H A T   A    M A T C H,

What a match!

Did you see how the two ladies - Simona and Rybakina, played? Did you?

This match took my breath away, literally. And definitely, made my weekend.
Thank you, ladies! Thank you, Simona!

Wide TV screen on Dubai Al Arabiya channel, here she was - stepping on the court.

I knew it was going to be a hell of a match.
Moreover, I had a hunch Simona would win.
I felt it - right over here.

Nevertheless, Dubai Championship Women‘s Final 2020 exceeded my expectations.

Eyes glued to the screen, focus on Halep, all the way, it felt as if the match synthesized the past 9 years of my life.

”The living on edge. The tightness of synchronicities. Is this the right move? Focus. Be in the now. Follow your intuition, your inner light, with darn mindfulness.
Am I making the right call? Yes, he is a genius alright, but something, I don’t know what exactly, just doesn’t feel right. My brain is frozen. What could I do more than just be and crawl in the now?
Brace the tits in a bra, jump into a cab and teleport fast, for this could be the last hug. Maybe this will be the last time we ever see each other. Hopefully, the ambulance muse have arrived by now.”

You feel you can go no more. But you have to. You must be in the now, grounded in your feet, heart and mind.  Projects falling like bullets and dropping through the roof. Be ready yesterday. The tirade of identical stupid questions: Did you leave for the money? Which money? Why didn’t you...? Ignore the intrusiveness, all the eyes watching, focus on one point - what’s my move now? What’s the very best shot now?

Call the client, integrate the concept, make it home by 6 p.m. - the ”go to bed” hour. When gone to sleep, one might not make it to the following day. It might be the last hug one receives. It could be the last time you meet the eyes which beam at you with infinite love. And that very moment, one holds your hand, firmly. Your heart fills with infinite gratitude for the love you are feeling, and for the silent appreciation of your efforts and sacrifices.

The living on edge, baby! There aren’t words enough to describe the pressure one feels when their beloved ... could be on the verge of dying. Even if it has happened for several times. One cannot get trained enough when faced with this kind of pressure.”

“What’s the score?
Did she or did she not make it?
And how much?”
were the conclusions.

How does she/he feel? Who cares?
Coming back to the amazing S I M O N A Halep, I haven’t had the priviledge of meeting her.
From what I have seen during the matches and press conferences, the inner eye penetrates three traits which inspire me the most. I am no tenis expert, yes. However, one can and ought to express their opinion on their personal blog, if not anywhere else. Right? 🤷🏻‍♀️
And the aforementioned three traits are:
1.  ALCHEMY - turning what might seem a disadvantage, for instance not being as tall as your opponent, into an advantage, even though, at times, that would mean doubling or tripling one’s effort.
2. RESLIENCE - the ability to rebound like a bouncing ball. Hang on, endure and then, attack.
3. MENTAL STRENGTH- the targeted mindfulness of accurately focusing on and fully being in the now. And every other now of the game, set and tie-break.
And the match point went for 🌹 Simona Halep 🌹!
... one more thing! I can’t wait to be lying like this in the sand, by the seashore. It’s gonna be a hell of a well-deserved moment -- bonding with the darling sea.
Eventually, even life’s tie-breaks come to an end. By Divine Decree.

Photo Credit: Amazing capture TV screens

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