Dragobete – The Romanian Feast of Love


Dragobete - the Romanian Feast of Love

Today we, Romanians, celebrate the feast of Dragobete - the traditional feast of Love. Starting with Saint Valentine we are celebrating love every day. Isn’t that awesome?

Love hurt nobody. Or has it?

Also, Dragobete marks the first day of the Lent.

My dear friend Paul - yes, I am a tomboy lady - I suppose. So I have been told... at times.

90% of my best friends are guys. As I was saying, Paul, sent me photos of flowers, followed by a video on family karma.

I thanked him for the flowers.

Flowers are Light.
Flowers are Love.
Roses are Life.

Moreover, I snapped a bit.

I said, “Why would you send me such a video today?”

“You ancestors manufactured the Damascene sword for the Ottoman Sultans. The secret of the Damascene sword is to this day unknown. You have had warriors in the family. And it seems to me, you are doing the cleaning and healing part. That’s why I sent you the video”, he replied.

Imagine that!

“Yes, indeed.” I went on. “On my mother’s line too. Her father is from the realm once governed by Stephan the Great known for his sword ⚔️.  Tataie was of Moldovian descent. However, when it comes TO ME,” I underlined, “I am into el flamenco💃🏻, as a first in our family. You know I love playing the alchemist. Stay tuned to what I am about to manifest. Truth be told, I know not yet. Nonetheless, had I known, I still wouldn’t tell you. As you said, we keep the secret herein, within.”

”Moreover, thank you for the flowers, they are lovely”.

Petal by petal, flowers bloom
Spring is here, already
What are flowers, but springs of Love, Light and Alchemy?

Happy Dragobete everyone ❤️

Stay blessed!

Be loved!

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