Springtime Is The Alchemist!


Springtime Is The Alchemist!

I was born in the summertime sun.

Summer-summer time!

I like snowflakes, unique and imperfect in their perfection. Snowdrops... I adorrre. Rrrrrr!


Stemming from underneath, they pierce the snow. They force their way through it all! We might have something in common, little magical flower. Don’t we all?

Now, aren’t snowdrops the perfect mage?

In fact, isn’t springtime the perfect alchemist?

It’s the time we get ready to step out of our thick coats. Wear those colourful trench coats and flurry dresses. 

The pastels and colours 🎨 ooze their way through the dressing room until they have reached our toes. Like traffic lights, they turn the green light, on and on. And stop only when we have decided to wear that colourful wavy dress and welcome spring, comme il faut.

As for the liBstick, with Arabic pronunciation, tinges of crimson red - no, no, that will do all year long. How about some tinges of salmon-red or fuchsia?

If you are from Barbados, Canada or any other part of the world - as Google analytics says and I thank you, I do, did you know that between 1st to the 8th of March, here in Romania 🇷🇴, we celebrate the feast of Martisor, my favourite?

Gentlemen’s arms are full of tulips, hyacinths and spring flowers for us, ladies. Now that’s a warm embrace! 

According to the tradition, men in general - be them drivers, (school) colleagues or partners, and so on, and so forth, offer us, girls and ladies, the symbol of springtime - flowers.

God bless you, bless spring and God bless us all!
Cheers to flowers. Sure thing my 3-year old nephew will handle it best. Nobody calls out my name, nowadays, the way he does: ”Auntyyy!”

The Martisor adds up, too. A lovely handmade or wooden traditional brooch, crowned with the red and white ribbon - the symbol of Martisor.

Especially in these crazy bad-ass times, we are living, hailing spring becomes a true hymn of joy. A refreshing rosy balm for the cells. And the joyful we are, the brighter the spring... as the “saying” goes.

What is joy but deep detox of the soul?

One cup of joy is supposed to remove at least 10% of the obstinate weeds.

Two cups of laughs, showers off burdens, heaviness, and malice. The higher and sunnier one’s personal vibration, the fader or more inexistent the attacks of the evil energies (flu, virus, toxic environments or people).

One spoonful of meditation and prayers work wonders. Imagine what a whole pot of it would do!

You tell me...

I have always believed the best gifts come wrapped in a smile, with the scent of a flower.

The perfect setting for sunshine to meet snowdrop.

And when that happens, well, spring is here, already.

Kissed by the yellowish sun,
Snowdrop flourishes anon!
Pirouetting her skirts sewn in alchemy... 
Springtime plays the tune of the rhapsody 

Photos: the Mercy of the Kind Universe, the one in the middle Pinterest

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