Flamenco Chill-out


Flamenco Chill-out

Music starts with the sound of your heart,

Fragrance - a touch of your cells,

Overpassing the mind,

Spirits intertwined

And the body twirled and whirled,

Stepping and making the tik-tok-tak,

Body, mind, and soul

One movement,

In perfect coordination

The alignment,

An embodiment of synchronicities -

A universal language called ...



A seed, a core, a whole allure

Outlives the forevermore,

Melting in the now!

The message was delivered.


Set up ready for the meeting.

It’s never too late for ...

a flamenco chill-out 💃🏻

It’s always the perfect timing.

And so it is.


And she went dancing, triggering a brand new cycle of energies. Hence, new persons and new experiences.
The gates to the Past were closed.
For good!

Photo: Pinterest 

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