Spring Detox and A Trait I Might Like About Myself


Spring Detox and A Trait I Might Like About Myself

With the annual spring detox, I am dusting it off. Letting go of all the reminiscences and left-overs. All the crumbs of any energetically bad memory that lingers. All of it!

It all started with a decision I had made in 2018 - closing down my marketing company in order to reboot. The system I have built is still ON. However, the cycle of the old energy is OFF. That is gone. I deliberately wanted it to vanish away.

The so dear to my heart a concept - the Damascene Rose couldn’t bloom properly. It has needed a fertile soil, a brand new pot - the spring of a brand new era.

My objectives were crystal clear: sealing the envelope of a life cycle, a complete reboot and a rebirth with a revived mindset so that I could step into the threshold of the new me. Consequently, the life I have envisaged for myself.

This time I wasn't pioneering a market, I was self-focused. The Divine had granted me this present - dwelling on myself and I knew I had to make the most of it. Most often than not, the in-betweens and the delays come with many blessings in disguise. That’s what they say!

At the beginning of the process, I didn’t know exactly how it would go.

First things first.

My wardrobe’s declutter process is by far over. I started it when I moved to Istanbul for a 4-month project at the beginning of 2019. Before relocating, I gave away the excess or what I wasn’t to wear any longer. The rest of what I was to wear for a while more, I left it back in Istanbul. I knew I wouldn’t wear those garments any longer, upon having my suitcase 🧳 ready. They triggered stories of an old significantly toxic cycle. So I closed the cypher of the suitcase, of a circle whose demands twirled and whirled,  relentlessly.

Whatever I’d do, whatever I’d say... in vain, my dearest. The list of demands piled up.  By changing houses, and relocating, not only have I decluttered my wardrobe, but also I have changed and raised my personal vibration. Hence I have made room for the new.

The old stories could no longer hang on to my new energy. So they fell away. One by one, leaf by leaf, person by person.

Within one year I have managed to reset, almost entirely. I am very close to manifesting a clean slate for a fresh start.

It’s a bit odd. I am very fond of a few Turkish brands, which use quality materials such as cotton, cashmere, silk and chiffon. Bought during clearance and online, the prices were very good. In fact, the ratio price-quality was more than just a good bargain. I do have this soft spot for refined materials...

Almost brand new and kept well, very well, I gave them back to ”Istanbul.”

There must be a grain of truth, to say the least, in the saying: What goes around comes around. During my stay in Istanbul, I think I had had the opportunity and privilege to give. For it is “my” Turkish ”brothers” and family who have stood by me, during my darkest hours.

If you’ve dwelled here before, you ought to know by now that I am a Damascene. If this is your first visit, I am glad to sing my song again: I come from a rose, the hybrid Damascene Rose. The touch of the velvet silky petals are part of my DNA. So here you go. Materials and petals make it for the essence of Damascus... I love singing her varied fabrics right over here.

Moreover, I have perused the drawers of my being and I have realised that I am quite content with the purging and the integrative detox I’ve initiated.

Wardrobe detox - check.
People detox      - check.
Complete reboot - check.
Writing the book - in progress...

Welcome, Spring!

The Spring of a Brand New Era...

Hopefully, not just for me, but for humanity at large.

As for the one trait I might like about myself, well... there is no way Jose you could ever say I got lost in translating or delivering  my personal message. With me, one knows where I stand. I have always spoken the truth even with the risk of breaking hearts. To me, lying is the worst of everything. What about you? I’d rather get heartbroken than lied to. I’d rather have authenticity as imperfect as it is. Genuine is beautiful. Yet - that’s me.

So with me, it’s crystal clear. I have always spoken “my” truth. 

Yet this trait backfires oftentimes. Not everyone is crystal clear about their intentions. Not everyone sets a clear intention at the beginning of a project, partnership, bond or even when connecting with a writer of a book.

You see, at times, they have to think about it.

Nevertheless - if I may, when it comes to feelings, hesitation or having to think about it is the “crystal clear”.

Just like spring blooms!

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