Take Your Time… I’ll Take Mine. One More Time…


Take Your Time! I’ll Take Mine. One More Time...

Take your time, baby. Take - take ...

DJ keep scratching it!

Listen to the lyrics as they flow:

”It was June.

That’s when one more Miracle happened.

A message from him, the missing gentleman, came through.

Never had she expected to hear from him again.

The heart resumed its breathing.

Happiness drove the Maserati on the fast lane.

The gentleman seemed real.

Like an idiot, she fell for it,

One more time...

It was close though.

So damn close!

Subsequent to so many stomach-turning,


Abusive and ill-mannered encounters,

Here he was,

A shiny Miracle!

Unfortunately, to evaporate fast.

You see... It wasn’t meant to last.

What’s past is past!

A job offer had slipped through her fingers.

All summer long she’d waited for the encounter.

It was all over her head,

Or was it the heart?

Could you be in love with and not wait for them?

Could you love them and not pray for their heart to heal and be able to love again?

Oh, who needs love anyway!

Yet, the naive believed in the power of the heart,

One more time...

She’d believed she’d encountered the definition of manhood,

Strength and a beautiful character,

Blessed with a gentle kind heart.

By God, what a sunny ☀️ heart!

She’d felt it as if it were her father’s,

That kind of rarity it was!

A first in her life.

The gentleman by the straights!

However, she’d been invoiced,

One more time...

For all the backstabbing bitches, out there!

Bullshitters will be bullshitters,

And Lovers will be invoiced,

One more time...

Take your time, baby!
Take - take - take!
I’ll take mine...

Hence he saw to his path,

She saw to hers.

Gone with the petals was she!

Perhaps the Divine Light and the Archangels had protected her,

One more time...”

As for me, you shall find me, like always, amidst the 1001 petals of the Damascene Rose

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