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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Love in the time of Coronavirus or shall I say humanity, kindness and sanity in a time of crisis?

This is not a post on the virus!

I wonder can we love, yet keep our sanity?

As for humanity and kindness, that’s love, isn’t it?

The intensive campaign ”Wash your hands x times a day!” restored the image of father, back home. I remember him washing his hands for almost one minute. His big giant palms - as I perceived them at the time, would roll and roll that soap, till his palms would be fully covered in foam.

Two years ago, when I brought up the discussion about the soap of Aleppo, mother - one of the most difficult to please persons I’ve known on earth, told me she’s always liked the detergents, soaps and cleaning products produced in Syria. As for me, I remember the soaps and shampoos as quite foamy and fragrant. Oh, that apple shampoo mother bought from Souq Al Hamidiye!

 ”Leaving home behind is like getting infected with a virus and learning to live with it.” Fares

Coming back to “love in the time of coronavirus”, what better time to hibernate, get into the hermit mode and indulge one’s hobbies? Which is/are yours?

I am lucky to love books and enjoy writing.

Watching a good movie or doing El Flamenco works wonders too. Long walks, as well. I’d go for a swim... bond with water, yet, it’s pandemic quarantine, almost, in Bucharest.

What if the love of a lifetime was around the corner? I know a plane like this is not to be missed. With this state of global quarantine, how are we going to kiss? They have closed the borders. Could they close the gates of the heart? 

Do you know I have been in a state of quarantine for years now? Perceived as the different, the “other” for being a Muslim Damascene Arab Christian European Romanian hybrid. Not following the crowd. For being drawn like a moth to the state of love... For questioning: what if there were more to it? What if there were true love of the rarest kind, out there? Yeah, I know. It’s like wrestling the Coronavirus. 

So I cannot say that the incumbent ”stay-home” almost quarantine mode, in Bucharest, has greatly affected me. Bearing at least two worlds has worked the trick ... 

The walls of the citadel of Damascus have always been high and basked in light. ’Tis love that melts away barriers, ”toxic quarantine” - as a figure of speech. ’Tis faith that opens new doors.

A beautiful feeling one gets when they know that despite the coronavirus, a great manifestation is coming their way.

Even better, it’s happening already.

The universe has opened a brand new gate of opportunities. Move one piece of the puzzle and the rest will just dance their way to fall in the best spot.
For ’tis love in the time of coronavirus, baby!
’Tis LUV!


” ’Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind.

Do as I bid thee. Or rather, do thy pleasure.” (Shakespeare - King Lear - Act 4 - Scene 1)

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