Prayer Upon Prayer

Prayer Upon Prayer
Prayer Upon Prayer,
Heart upon Heart,
Faith, unwavering Faith,
The wave of love!
Bead by bead,
Pray Thee,
For the “Light upon Light” -
Dearest Mother of Heavens!

Hopefully, this pandemic shall pass with the minimum of losses. It’s a pity our elders had to die! It’s a pity people had to die!

Hopefully, when “this” is over, all of us shall appreciate the now - more. We shall make love to the now more often. Be present and grateful for our families, our health, the joy of enjoying a cup of coffee in our favourite coffee-shop or going to the gym. Enjoy the now, fully! With presence and mindfulness.

Moreover, the world might have needed a Divine ”nudge”. So that we, ALL, come to our senses!

We might have grown selfish and indifferent. Careless with our ”neighbour” and self-indulgent.

I wish, with all my heart, that once this pandemic is over, and inshallah/ God willing, it will be over soon, we shall have become kind(er).

Empathy, imagining oneself in somebody else’s shoes might be the lesson of the now! 
What about all the refugees at the borders caught up in the circle life-death, fighting for survival? Nobody would have them.
What about the famine in Yemen?

Caring for somebody else except for ourselves!

The flamenco coach once told me: ”Unfortunately, one cannot buy a jar of humbleness at the supermarket. It has got to be cultivated!”

 Cheers to the better world that is yet to manifest  🙏. Cheers to cultivating elevated feelings and beautiful moments: the blessing of a beautiful sunrise, the kiss of the beloved or the caress of the sun. After all, it’s SPRING!

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