Take Me To Damascus, Take Me Home…

Take me to Damascus

Take Me Back To Damascus, Take Me Home ...

Take me back to the Spirit of Community,

When we’d cherish humanity,

We’d respect our elderly,

Reunite every Saturday for breakfast,

Here in our Garden of Roses!

Each one of us bringing a speciality:




Our home-made Jam of Roses




The photos on my the mind

Have made my mouth water.

Take me Home!

Yes. Take me back to Damascus,

When there was no famine...

To the Once upon a time, 

Oh, dear Universe,

To the set aside as mine...

To the warmth of the petals,

The refinement of silk,

The joy of the now...

Take me Home!

Take me back to Damascus,

“You were as beautiful as Jasmine in a Damascene spring”

Damascene Jasmine _ Jdo Al Midani - The Passionate Grandpa
Oh, thou Camelot!

Of the sea?

Of the dunes?

Of the unexpected -

Coming towards me.

Take me Home!

Ship _ Damascene Rose

Yes. Take me back to Damascus,

The Capital of Jasmine,

My Damascene Rose,

My favourite icecream,

Palm trees,


Rainbow of roses!

Rays of Light!

Of my childhood dream!

She turned five,

Read the whipped cream.

Yes. Fares of the childhood -

Turned into the man of the now!

Take me back to Damascus,

To the realm...

The Divine Breeze,

Has brought in ease ♥

Put the planet to rest,

The eyes of our souls have already met!

Love in the Time of Corona Virus about to manifest.

Take me Home!

Yes. Take me back to Damascus,

Out of the Labyrinth of the journey,

To the corolla of you and me,

Winding paths led  to the Straight Street,

As written in the pages of Destiny!

A story as if descending from the staires of Heaven,

When the clock struck Eleven,

Take me Home!

Take me back, Mother,

Set me free off the chains,

Release me to the train.

“You’ll be gone before long!”

Embrace me,


As assigned by the Commander in Chief,

Let’s turn one more page of the Book of Life,



Take me Home, Take me!


Photo Credit: Pinterest

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