One Sunday. Three Feasts of The Soul. One Blessed Day

One day

One Sunday. Three Feasts of The Soul. One Blessed Day

Good Morrow!

Blessed Morrow!

I come from a Rose, the hybrid Damascene Rose. Two species merged and when connected to the Heavenly soil of Damascus, the Damascene Rose came alive.

One Sunday. Two Holy Christian Feasts.

On the other side, not very far away, Muslims cherish the Holy Month of Shaban - the month prior to Ramadan.

One Day. Three vibrant Spiritual Feasts of the Soul.

1. The Ressurection of Christ marking the Catholic Easter

Yesterday we blissfully watched the Catholic Easter service, live from the Vatican. And it’s only becoming to say ”Happy Easter to all the Catholics worldwide!”

"Tonight we conquer a fundamental right, which will not be taken away from us: the right to hope."💛🙏 heard the message of His Holiness Pope Francis during the Pasquale Vigil.

2. As I am writing this post, Julieta is watching the Orthodox Palm Sunday sermon broadcast live from Mitropolia Romana as the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem is being celebrated. I have tuned in. God bless!

3. A while later, echoes of the call to the Muslim Prayer - al azan - reverberate from my father’s chambers. I remember it’s the month of Shaban. The 8th month in the Muslim calendar, known as the Month of Separation, the last before the Holy Month of Ramadan.

A beautiful memory comes to mind:

Towards the end of 2018, I had the privilege to offer the translation of the Holy Quran into Romanian as a gift to a good friend of mine - an Italian gentleman. A Catholic, himself. From a hybrid, myself.

One Day. ONE vibrant soul.

Hence, on this Holy and Vibrant Sunday, my prayers and best wishes are with all of my friends worldwide, especially during this "exquisite” lockdown. 

My diptych includes friends and family from Damascus, Romania, Yemen, Senegal, India, Australia, England, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Arabia, France... All the Johns, Pauls and Mohamads are included in it.

One Day. One vibrant world.
Hopefully, the high vibration of these spiritual Feasts will bring about the Magic we all need - a brand new trajectory of the World. 

When I asked Julieta whether this bottle for holy water was brought from Jerusalem, she answered ”nay, from Damascus, 12 years ago”. Instantly, I kissed it several times.

The bottle originates from the holy church of Saint Anania where Saul was baptized as Paul. The Church resides on the Straight Street - the only Street mentioned by the name in the Holy Bible. And so is Mariam, Mother Mary, the only woman mentioned by the name in the Holy Quran.

Upon Paul’s baptism “something like scales fell from” Saul’s eyes, subsequently, his eyesight was restored. And to this day the event is known as the Miracle of Damascus...

In the meanwhile, I shall be sprinkling the magic of the Damascene Rose right over here, under the spell of our corolla.

What a Blessed Day...

Photo: Pinterest and Damascene Rose

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