Damascene Rose: Fares – The Knight and His Rose🌹


Fares - the Knight and his Rose

”I would like to borrow the night of your hair so that I may rest my tiredness on it, lest I go out to meet myself without my self!”, said He.

“Would you, Camelot of the dunes, have to borrow from yourself?”, replied She

“Myself is nothing without things!” He

“My self is everything.” She

“The stars shall cast your tiredness away...

A carpet of silk for a magical ride over the City,

To discover and caress the velvet night!” She continued.

Her Hair -

The velvet of the night

His breath -

The whisper of the wind

Velvet and whisper became one,

Embracing in the night,

Coming - together!

“I am imagining!” He

“I am living!” She

What about we changed “ I am living” to ”see you soon”?

“Kindly give me the Rose to smell your fragrance before I sleep with the hope to give it back to you in my dream!” He

“I’d rather have it stay with you, at all times... safe in the hope, you’d reach out in your dream too.

I must close my eyes and sleep. This feeling feels like an earthquake.”

“Sweet dreams!”

“I will.”

The knight melt with the night,

She dove and dreamt away...

Looking out the window,

She saw everything

A starry soul!

Shining their light into the night,

For the Camelot of the Dunes 🌹

As for me, dear reader, I shall be right here - guard watching the tower of the Damascene Rose. On duty, I shall spot the shiny petals to join the other stories of the corolla. Till the day the miraculous petal makes its way through. Landing in, naturally.

Some gentlemen are just moments, magic encounters at the Straights of Life. Whereas, Fares is the one and only. The boy next door when a young girl. The guy all the high school girls fall for. The first one. The heartbreaker. The player. The I want you, yet I’m Mr Perfection and I have other options as well. The lover. The boring. The friend, can’t see you as my lover. And one day, when you expect it the least, he sails in, amidst his lovely Divine Boat. The Miracle - the Knight who truly loves the Rose, within the capacity of a man. As much as he’s capable of...

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