The Power Heart Reverberated on the Phone

Power heart

The power heart reverberated on the phone...

"I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life
'Cause in this moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive
I wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life
This is my moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive (yeah, yeah, yeah uh)" sang Nicki Minaj!

I come from a rose, the Damascene rose.
Damascus exhaled me, I have inhaled Her.
This is my ballad!
And I shall sing it, moment by moment. Breath by breath...

As for you, dear reader, allow us to sprinkle some of Her magic spices - right over here. Let’s indulge the stories my eternal muse funnels into my ear this time. Shall we?
Power heart
One voice. A beating heart. A power heart?

I couldn’t see the face of the gentleman I had the pleasure to talk to on the phone, today. We’d previously messaged via LinkedIn. He’d contacted me with a view to a partnership. He is an “advisor”. A highly empathic one. Why am I saying that? For a multitude of reasons. Firstly, he was very elegant and mannered in speech. A rarity today, one could say. Secondly, while presenting the business he’d stood up for he had a friendly, yet stick to the company policy approach. And finally, he’d conveyed the notion of joie de vivre in a moment… The vivacity and kindness in his tone of voice reverberated. I felt dizzy for a while after hanging up the phone. Can you imagine the fire burning in one’s heart, the intensity of it… should it pass through?

There was no distance. Walls? My impenetrable walls? Which walls?

My hand was on fire, or was it the flame of my being?

Oh Sir, I have known souls drier than the desert.
Lemon sour, cabbage sour …

There are plenty of vibrant souls in this vast infinite Universe. The very moment one truly tunes in, the inner cells align. And guess what? Miracles happen:

30 minutes of conversation,
Turned the moment into sheer joie de vivre,
Reality called for joviality…

“We must stay positive, to keep our minds safe and sound during this Covid-19 pandemic. I have the same smile I had before the pandemic.

There is no other way. Yes, at present we are working remotely. I make sure I read, go out with precaution, and enjoy my shisha.”

“Ah, what type of tobacco you mean? I have got many of it. Lemon, mint, and pomegranate flavoured. (…) (“Imagine that! I’ve never tried a pomegranate flavoured shisha. Very descriptive. He'd had a moment of joie de vivre slide in-between”) "Yes, I must be empathic," he goes on. "How could I talk with my customers about so difficult topics without making use of empathy? I must tune in and listen with the inner ear.”

Beautiful souls, exquisite minds must be included in the corolla of the rose. Don't you think?

It’s a must! How else could one ever raise the vibration of the moment?

As a daughter of a proficient narcissist, I have an acquired talent of freezing my senses and keeping my composure, no matter what. My feelings, the essence of me, I share with the humans bearing a ray of sunshine in their hearts. Alone!!! Still, I do have a soft spot. A very soft one… Have you guessed it? Well, it’s the heart, my dearest.

Whenever I feel the high vibration of a warm heart I allow my senses to stick their heads out of their drawers. I raise the curtain of thick light and allow for Love to pass. Oh, or is it me doing nothing, and love of life leadign the way? Is the universe answering my prayers with a delay of a decade? My sensor can detect the power heart no matter how far away.

Like attracts like with synchronicity of a 10-year delay...?

My sixth sense detects the vibration of warmth and that’s it. I stand defenceless, facing the sun. Love and warmth are believed to be the painkillers and the wound healers. Indeed.

Maybe - my mission has been becoming an exquisite alchemist. That could explain the one decade gap. Perhaps I had to extract and open my eyes to the God-given blessing my mind wasn’t aware of. The soul has been mindful of it, though. All along. It found its way, the light, naturally.

Maybe - I had to lose my mind to embrace my essence. In full.

A new generation of beautiful spirits. Coincidence? Perhaps! By chance? So not!

Earnestly, in the past two years I’ve been attracting essences of being ranging 25-35-year-old, let’s say. I am turning 38 in June, on the 11th. Yes. My friends are male friends mainly. Three lady friends versus more than 5 male friends.

Yes, I know. I am so much blessed - indeed.

My point is the males younger than me are descendants of an evolved dimension. Call it the 4D and 5D galaxies, their minds, and essence of being - shall I call it soul? vibrate on a brand new frequency. THEY FEEL. They speak of empathy. Moreover, not only do they speak of it, they comprehend emotions. See the unseen. Feel the unspoken. Their heart is not numb. The heart is not blind. It FEELS.

For as long as I’ve been, I’ve attracted geniuses. But this, my dearest, this sets a brand new path. These humans are AWAKE - in mind and spirit. Fresh "seeds" for the garden of roses!

Now turned into moments. Moments turned into days. Days turned into essence…

"Everybody dies, not everybody lives," sang Drake 

I have felt lonely for years. Misunderstood. Rejected. I was the “other” - the daughter of a Christian in Damascus, the daughter of an exotic Arab in Romania, the Romanian in Istanbul. For God’s sake, whenever that teacher would ask me during the examination “Is Mr Al-Wardy (Al-Flower) back from Damascus?” I’d feel so embarrassed. “Oh, you know these Arabs. They always get one more wife or even two?” I’d answer “ Not my father. He loves mom very much.” Or “Arabs are exotics!” And I’d think “Indeed. My father is a juicy delicious coconut descendant of the island of pineapples. Nay, we’re Damascenes! Madame, have you heard of the Capital of Jasmine, Roses, and delicious ice-cream?!? But this is a story I shall recount some other time.

Like attracts like, they say. Hopefully, it's for the best...

And then, a voice came along over the phone and it sent me… what was that? Warmth! Sunshine! Emotion!

"Who are you alien?"

It was as if it had plugged in the petals of the sun. So strong it felt that I needed a few minutes to regain my composure. And I am a Damascene. Endurance is our middle name. Told ya I was the daughter of a narcissist! Remember?

Perfect alignment in full progress. How do I know? I feel it - right over here.

Mark me! The magnet of the corolla has always attracted remarkable essences d’être, call them essences of being, one by one. Hadn’t it been for these petals, how could the Damascene Rose face the tempest? The hurling wind? The scorching unmerciful sun? The extreme dryness of the feelingless European and Oriental deserts? The oasis of selfish primitiveness? The ugliness of les fleurs du narcissisme? However, these new vibrant essences of being must have landed from other galaxies, speaking enchanted carpets, stars and full moon!

Have I told you of Fares - Knight in Arabic - residing on another continent, one could think even planet? Or that Fares of my childhood was so glad to hear of the vivacious dreams I've had for a while now?

Despite the lockdown, our dreams, and hopes are ours. So I shared the moment of the dream with him. So delighted was he! It came as a drop of faith and hope amidst the ocean of the strange times we live in.

Go on. See to yourself, please:

“Oh, wow! Nice to hear anything beautiful at these strange times the world is going through. I wish this - your dream, could be a sign of anything good. I hope you are well and feeling good. Please take care and be safe and healthy. Regards, F.”

In earnest, never have I felt so alive… and the best is yet to manifest!

"This is my moment, I waited all my life I can tell it’s time.
Drifting away I'm one with the sunsets, I have become alive", concluded Nicky Minaj.

Oh, Rosary Rose, what a good day! And it’s only the commencement. Other unique petals have joined the corolla. I shall recount the 1001 essences of their beautiful being - some other time…

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