My First Cup of Coffee Out and About Since the Covid-19 Pandemic Hit

First coffee

My First Cup of Coffee Out and About Since the Covid-19 Pandemic Hit

It’s the 1st of May 2020. Today we’d celebrate Labour Day, with a long weekend or a day off. I have celebrated the taste of the first espresso out and about ever since Covid-19 hit the planet.

Luckily, at present, I am living in my parents’ house with a direct view of the Central University Library and the Royal Palace. Opposite to us is the headquarters of the Minister of Interior Affairs. All the COVID-19 related press releases have been broadcast in this building.

I was and am dying to get on moving!
As patient as I might be, I am dying to move on.

I wasn’t wearing high heels. Yet I did wear a red blazer. Was it psychological? Maybe. I needed to go out for a walk around the Romanian Athenaeum, at a stone throw from our house. Moreover, I was dying for coffee, a cup of double espresso. Coffee is one of my biggest pleasures in life. Much more than a black liquid, to me, coffee is an inspiration. Should coffee be a vice, then YES - let coffee be my biggest vice. And so it is.

Science-fictionally speaking, today, the coffee shops around the Romanian Atheneum were open. One could buy anything "to go", not to stay. I paid at the counter outside the coffee shop and my coffee was safely delivered outside the coffee shop. Yes, baby! Now I get to celebrate my walk with good coffee. My heart jumped for joy. It's real! Can you imagine it? Coffee shops are reopening?

Two months without coffee in the out and about was a sheer scarcity. It hit me, right over here.

How do you feel?

I don’t know about you, this COVID-19 pandemic has taken me places

My lockdown started as of the 1st of May 2019. In June, I’d received a letter. And that message changed the course of my summer. As of autumn, I was about to resume my relocation plans. Go conquer the world. All of my plans have been Divinely obstructed and delayed by one year.

Time flew in a blink of an eye. The waiting itself has been consuming and difficult... I know my endurance has reached inconceivable heights.

I shall take pleasure in speaking of the COVID-19 in another different post.

I couldn’t write about COVID-19, about this invisible ruthless virus. About this pandemic which has taken control of our lives.

It’s been the hell of a decade! Thus I cannot speak only of the COVID-19. For now, I am saying “The Divine might have allowed it…”

Maybe it was a “WAKE UP SIGN”.

Maybe it was a sign reading “STOP AND REALIGN, human!” “STOP AND REALIGN, planet!”

I might have enjoyed staying put, the stillness of March and April, as dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet something happened today.

On this sunny beautiful day, I was to enjoy my coffee on the steps of the Romanian Atheneum. This is where it all started! Alas. Commencement. Alas. Change.

Upon heading towards this Temple of our Romanian Culture, and my utmost inspiration, my eyes almost welled up a tiny bit. I confess, they did!

I am only human.

You see, as I have already mentioned, my lockdown has lasted for one year.

That shot of coffee had brought life back to me.

We have a lovely coffee collection at my father’s house.

Do you know how we serve coffee or even better - how I start my day?

I wake up, breathe in the dew of roses of a brand new day.

As soon as I have made it to the dining room, my eyes rest on a coffee pot of Syrian coffee lying on a rosy pink tray, accompanied by a pale pinky coffee cup. A butterfly rests imprinted within the coffee cup ready to be filled with the warmth of the black fragrant “Good Morrow” drink.
Alas, new day! Alas, life!

The ensemble is the trademark of the house.
Coffee marks the moment and le joie de vivre.

I'd care for espresso later on though.

You see, all of a sudden I needed that shot of coffee to come into my senses:

I had had it enough with the Covid-19 pandemic!

I had had enough with “How much do you earn? Are you buying an apartment?” Or the “Create a new set-up! Set up a new business!"  “When are you… relocating? Moving forward? When...?"

Questions asked by Romanians… Syrians… Other Arabs…Never an Indian or an Australian though!

Are we, Romanians, a bit Oriental or with a touch of Balkan quelque-chose?

As for us Damascenes...

I enjoyed that cup of coffee on the steps of the Romanian Atheneum and it brought life back to me.
It urged me to believe that things are going for the best. That Life on Planet Earth might become fine for me, after all. Loving and fulfilling.
It gave me the force to realign and refresh my patience reservoir, while I wait to make the one move I have been planning for the past decade - my going Home.
And it so happens that the very first sip of good coffee on the steps of the Romanian Atheneum had empowered the moment.
First Coffee

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