Books To Read On A Rainy Day During Covid-19 Lockdown


Books To Read On A Rainy Day During Covid-19 Lockdown 

Oh, rainy day…

Sweet tiny drops of rain waltzing out and about,

While I’m on my sofa about to indulge Neil Gaiman’s “Good Omens”

A curtain of water drops!

Sweet wet rain!



A symbol of abundance and fertility?

Is the planet purging? If only!

It’s raining outside,

Whilst we’re locked-down inside!

Rainy Day


I open the window and feel it!

Drizzles caress the sidewalk, 

My mind dives in freely,

Enough sweet talk!

In a bit I shall be off to visit Neil Gaiman’s realm - “Good Omens”!

Yes. I haven’t read it yet. And this rain, oh, this rain - hopefully, ‘tis the Good Omen.

I have read Mario Puzo’s “Fools Die”, instead.

The book begins with Merlin, the main character of the book. Omnisciently, Merlin recounts his story. The beginning of the book is majestic. Puzo had me at page One.  Would you care to see for yourself?

‘LISTEN to me. I will tell you the truth about a man’s life. I will tell you about his love for women. 
That he never hates them. Already you think I’m on the wrong track. Stay with me. Really —I’m a master of magic. 
‘Do you believe a man can truly love a woman and constantly betray her? Never mind physically, 
but betray her in his mind, in the very “poetry of his soul”. Well, it’s not easy, but men do it all the time.
‘Do you want to know how women can love you, feed you that love deliberately to poison your body and mind simply to destroy you? And out of passionate love choose not to love you anymore? And at the same time dizzy you with an idiot’s ecstasy? Impossible? That’s the easy part.
‘But don’t run away. This is not a love story.’

Named after the mage, Merlin is an orphan. Merlin will make it through life writing about 12 hours per day. The luck of opportunity will have him bring his family out of poverty through writing. 

How could I describe Mario Puzo’s style? He is the author of The Godfather masterpiece. Can anybody help me please with this? How could I decipher the code to unleash the ribbon bounding words together?

The book is witty and unfolds, naturally. Just as life. I even read of a man’s concern about not catching the clap. He ponders over it. He shouldn’t give it home. Issues and life.

It takes you through a fan of varied states. Poverty, success, loving… treachery and even death. 

Not Merlin’s. He’s the omniscient mage and “only fools die”. 

‘I will make you feel the painful beauty of a child, the animal horniness of the adolescent male, the yearning suicidal moodiness of the young female. And then (here’s the hard part) show you how time turns man and woman around full circle, exchanged in body and soul. 
‘And then of course there is TRUE LOVE. Don’t go away! It exists or I will make it exist. I’m not a master of magic for nothing. Is it with what it costs? And how about sexual fidelity? Does it work? Is it love? Is it even human, the perverse passion to be with only one person? And if it doesn’t work, do you still get a bonus for trying? Can it work both ways? Of course not, that’s easy. And yet —
‘Life is a comical business, another is nothing funnier than love travelling through time. But a true master of magic can make his audience laugh and cry at the same time. Death is another story. I will never make a joke about death. It is beyond my powers.’

Excerpts from Fools Die - Copyright @ Mario Puzo 1978, Arrow Books, The Random House Group Limited, p.2-3.




And there’s “The Return” by Victoria Hislop

Oh, how much I’ve cried and how my soul has throbbed!

“Powerful stuff” - indeed, as Daily Mail put it.

This book is a bit of hardcore, and yet how would you describe the bloody merciless war?

Be it the Famine in Yemen, or the endless war in Syria - almost ten years already, war is nothing but pitch darkness.

This book is on the beauty of life, on being caught in the claws of the civil war in Spain, or surviving it! Only that, war, the nasty bloody war leaves serious damage and scars on the soul.

I shall develop on the becoming and struggle of Merce - some other time.


Both books have chosen me as soon as I entered a vintage book store.

Two masterpieces at an incredible price.

They were standing tall and whispering incantations: “Pick me, pick me!” Isn’t it always the same?

One book on war, life and the alchemy role of el flamenco, the other one, on the beauty of making it through life.

What’s your “Books List” during this COVID-19 lockdown?

For now, I have made mention only of these two books. They aren’t new releases.

I was keen on writing about them. And this rain… gave me the nudge I needed to recount my impressions on these two books.

Other books I have read during this lockdown:

The masterpiece Shogun by James Clavicle
The beyond anything I couldn't express - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 
Bonjour, Happiness! by Jamie Cat Callan
Blindness by Jose Saramago
Sarinagara by Philippe Forest

And there are many more to come.

I love diving in their infinite ocean...



I sit by the lamp. What shall I have? A cup of coffee? Tea?

Definitely, coffee. What about you?

It’s high time I indulged Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens.

Would you care to join me?

Feel it. Listen to her drops beat. Read it.

Rain Photo Credit: Pinterest

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