Nurlu Ramazanlar – İstanbul


Nurlu Ramazanlar - İstanbul

Sevgili İstanbul,

Spirit deploys me on your Galata Bridge,

The accordion of the Ezan is all I hear…


Süleymaniye Mosque sets the tone,

The depth of the ezan increasingly descends,

Down the hill,

Blends with Yeni Cami's crescendo,

The New Mosque… 


It is the call to prayer!


The ezan hence rises in the sky,

To the minarets of the Blue Mosque.

Up are the Heavens!

Wavy is the hair,

Scentined roses and musk…

Home feels Damask!


The breeze of the Bosphorus I sense...

A tonic for the fragrance of the soul,

Herein, within.


Hagia Sophia is part of the scenery,

The soul has its determined journey,

Its itinerary…


The cadence of the ezan -

Reverberates over the Historical Peninsula,

A symphony,



Until next time,

Dearest Istanbul, 

I embrace this song of thine…

Echoes of the soul -

Family of adoption!


İstanbul, Ramazanınız Nurlu ve Mübarek olsun!
İstanbul, görüşmek üzere 

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