A Red Rose and The Magic of a Guitar


A Red Rose and The Magic of a Guitar

The mind travels far,

The strings of your heart play the guitar, 

No wonder Juliet is out on the balcony, 

Her soul moulding with the symphony, 

What is this photo but an epiphany? 

The guitar played "A Romance for Juliet"




Who is thy Juliet?

asked the first golpe of the flamenco shoe.

Who could she be but my babe?

My rose, my sweetest rose.

Play, play the guitar


Where is thy rose?

I left her right here,

Under your window,

Resting amidst the strings of the guitar, 

To celebrate the commencement 

Dance, dance with me

What is romance but for a Juliet?

Who is Rose without her Fares?


Dearest Knight,

I shall descend before long

The strings of your soul

Have chanted it all!

Amidst the winding streets

It took the lead,

To that one and only thoroughfare


Have you kept your promise?

I have, milord.

The rose is safe and sound,

Watered with the sun of my heart.

The fragrance of my soul...

Nourishes with thy essence!
She has played the guardian of the rose ever since childhood


Shall I take the stairs?

What are stairs

when the strings of your heart reverberate?

Raising me above the clouds.


Take my soul by the hand!

I shall.

Now close your eyes and embrace the magic.

Welcome into the sultanate of endless possibilities.

Genie, has granted thy wish already.

The 0,0000000001 possibility as described in the Book of Tales - The Missing Rose


Until we meet again,

I shall indulge the fragrance of your essence ...

The magic carpet turned the sheer dream

into mere reality,

Surmounting all the hindrances,

One by one,

Always guided by Her Divine Breeze...

Of Love, Light and Ease.


Don't say it!

I must.

I want to be nothing for you!

You want to be everything for me?

Aren't you?


Photo: Pinterest

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