Mother Mary – Holy Mary – Surat Mariam as Revealed in the Holy Qu-ran


Mother Mary - Holy Mary - Mariam Al 3azra as Revelead in the Holy Qu-ran

It's Ramadan and the breeze of inspiration poked me.

I pray in both rites Muslim and Christian, with a very strong bond to Mother Mary. My visions of her have intensified, of late.

On the occasion, I thought of sharing a fragment of Surat Mariam as a tribute to the Month of Ramadan, in this post.

Moreover, I dream of Her and have visions of Her as a natural process. It's what it is. It's what happens. And so I tell, so I write.

I pray in the mosque when I travel to a Muslim country.

I pray in the Orthodox Church, in Bucharest.

And I pray in La Basilique de Sacre-Coeur in Paris, la Basilique d'Amour how I like to call it. It's what I felt upon visiting - amour...  The list of "houses of spirituality" is wide open, and welcoming.

My point is, though I am not the religious type and do not cling to a certain pattern of beliefs, I like to believe that I'm spiritual. That I am connected to the Source...

Nihil Sine Deo

Moreover, I like to leave some space for whatever might be ... from God to me, as a human. What if there is more to it and we are missing something?

In the realm of spirituality, the message of Love, Peace and Tolerance might be common. So I do believe.

And I also like to believe that we are all humans and that there's room for all of us under "God's Roof".



“Oh, Holy Mother,
Dearest Queen of Heavens…

With the Holy Month of Ramadan ongoing I wonder:

“Those people stuck at the borders, what’s are they having for iftar today?”

“The refugees worldwide, you mean?”

“Yes. How does 'In the Name of the Most Gracious and Most Merciful' apply for the children Yemen, for instance? 

Yes, I know, dearest Mother Mary… We are not supposed to discuss such topics. Yet with you, I discuss everything, everything.”


"Fares, do you think She’ll hear my prayers?”
“I am positive! She has always heard them. In fact, a miracle might be manifesting as we speak.”
“Yes, Fares, the world is in need of many miracles nowadays.”
“Amen to that!”
Let’s pray!


“Maryam, or Mary. 
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1.Kaf. Ha. Ya. ‘Ain. Sad. ( This is the only Sura which begins with these five Abbreviated Letter of the Arab Alphabet)

2. (This is) a mention 

    Of the Mercy of Thy Lord

    To his servant Zakariya.

3. Behold! he cried

    To his Lord in secret.

4. Praying: “O my Lord!

    Infirm indeed are my bones,

    And the hair of my head

    Doth glisten with grey:

    But never am I unblest.

    O my Lord, in my prayer

    To Thee!

5. “Now I fear (what)

      My relatives (and colleagues)

      (Will do) after me:

      But my wife is barren:

      So give me am heir

      As from Thyself, -

6.   “(One that) will (truly)

      Inherit me, and inherit

      The posterity of Jacob;

       And make him, O my Lord!

       One with whom Thou art


Section 2.
16. Relate in the Book
      (The Story of) Mary.
      When she withdrew
      From her family
      To a place in the East.

17. She placed a screen

      (To screen herself) from them:

      Then We sent to her

       Our angel, and he appeared

       Before her as a man

       In all respects.

18.  She said: “I seek refuge

       From thee to (Allah)

       Most Gracious: (come not near)

       If thou dost fear Allah.”

19.  He said: “Nay, I am only 

       A messenger from thy Lord 

       (To announce) to thee

       The gift of a pure son.

20.  She said: “How shall I 

       Have a son, seeing that

       No man has touched me, 

       And I am not unchaste?”

21.  He said: “So (it will be):

       Thy Lord saith, ‘That is 

        Easy for Me: and (We

        Wish) to appoint him

        As a Sign unto men

        And a Mercy from Us’:

        It is a matter

        (So) decreed.

        For anything that Allah wishes to create, He says “Be”,and its is (Cf.iii 47). There is no interval between His decree and its accomplishment, except such as He imposes by His decree. Time may be only a projection of our own minds in this world of relativity.

22.   So she conceived him,

        And she retired with him

        To a remote place.

        (The annunciation and the conception, we may suppose, took place in Nazareth (of Galilee), say 65 miles north of Jerusalem. The delivery took place in Bethlehem about 6 miles south of  Jerusalem. It was a remote place, not only with reference to the distance of 71 miles, but because in Bethlehem itself the birth was in an obscure corner under a palm-tree, from which perhaps the babe was afterwards removed to a manger in a stable.)

23.   And the pains of childbirth

        Drove her to the trunk

        Of a palm-tree:

        She cried (in her anguish):

        “Ah! would that I had

        Died before this! would that

        I had been a thing 


24.   But (a voice) cried to her
        From beneath the (palm-tree):
        “Grieve not! For thy Lord
        Hath provided a rivulet
        Beneath thee;

25. “And shake towards thyself 

       The trunk of the palm-tree:

        It will let fall

        Fresh recipe dates upon thee.

26.  “So eat and drink
       And cool (thine) eye.
       And if thou dost see
       And man, say, ‘I have
       Vowed a fast to (Allah)

       Most Gracious, and this day

       Will I enter into no talk 

       With any human being”

27.  At length she brought

       The (babe) to her people, 

       Carrying him (in her arms),

       They said: “O Mary!

       Truly a strange thing

       Has thou brought!" (...)


The surah is made up of 6 sections.

**Reference of the excerpts and the above annotation as its edition reads: By The Grace of Allah, This Printing of This Holy Qu-ran: English Translation of “The Meanings and Commentary”  is Completed at: The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Fahd Complex For The Printing of The Holy Qur-an, Al Madinah Al-Munawarah under The Auspices of The Ministry of Hajj and Endowments.

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