A Tattoo? Had I Tattooed Your Name…


Had I Tattooed Your Name…

Could I ever tattoo your name, when it’s written in the stars?

A narrative thread going back as far as past lives.

I must have bonded with you before, sometime, long ago.

Had I tattooed your name…

How could I, when the rays of your soul reflect in the sea?

When your light shines in every wave ...

And your shiny starry soul is all I can see.

Mariam wrote down a narrative thread in her notebook. 

"We shall remember the pearl of the Orient, Damascus", said Mark Twain.

Father, my dearest Damascene camel, is feeling better. Told you so!

It’s endurance, baby! E.N.D.U.R.A.N.C.E.

He l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y rocked my world! I’ve seen archangels doing pirouette after pirouette, silvery stars, the whole artillery of their greenish sister stars. And now, I am embracing him, under a beautiful sunny rainbow. To that I say - AMEN.  

Fares’ facebook wall, 10 pm, GMT
Mariam sends one of her messages through:

“How can one change their FB status should they be in a spiritual bond?

What’s that? The energy coming through from a past life?!?

It’s not complicated but easy as hello.

It’s not an open relationship but celestial.

And not married but rather connected through that invisible red thread. At times, it stretches due to the intensity. At times, it’s relaxed in the cosmic bolt of the universe. Will it stretch again or will it hang around the stars…? And shine. Forever. Till they meet again. 

Status: in a transcendental relationship.
Perhaps, with at least two energies on the frequency? Which one is "the vibrational"?

I surely hope I’ll be getting on that plane before long. After all, June is around the corner.

Change cannot withhold any longer.

“I am confident we have met before, in a past life”.
“I am confident I want to get on that plane and fly away”.

Songs. Lyrics. Verses.

Tattoos. Paintings.

Had I tattooed your glittery name, I would tattoo it where…

Your name.



Carved in the valves of my heart?

All that is part of another Epoque. The oldies and goldies.

With you - it is written in the stars…

Your name!
Glimmers on the sky.
Your name!
Tattooed in the stars, shining in the eternity.

A tattooed soul...

That's it! 
Facebook Status: In a bond with a tattooed soul 
The soul has got a name.

"What now?", Fares replies to Mariam.

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