The Spices of A Feeling


The Spices of A Feeling

A while ago, not today, Mariam wrote on one of the petals of her notebook:

Must I shout for you to hear me?

Oh, must I scream for you to see me?

Tell me - must I even speak for you to feel me?


What am to I do?

How could I have caught a glimpse of the scenery in your mind?

Begging for a drop of attention had me locked down.

Archangels and starry souls never let down.


A Love story ended in deception.

The soul has its ways,

Transcending redemption.

“Go and die, go and die, 
For this love go and die,
When in this love you die
You will let spirits fly.
Go and die, go and die,
Fear no death, don’t be shy
When in this dust you lie
Your spirit will soar up high.
Go and die, go and die,
Let this existence pass by
This existence is your tie
And prisoners you and I.” sings it best Rumi


Do not underestimate the Heavenly power!

Do not underestimate the power of the heart! 

Or the magic of the Petals of the Rose, the sweetest Damascene Rose. 

Of the heart of the matter, I mean.

“He speaks to the rose’s ear, and causes it to bloom; He speaks to the tulip, and makes it blossom.
He speaks a spell to body, and it becomes soul.
He speaks to the sun, and it becomes a fount of light.”


I didn’t like my reality so I dived in, herein, within.

It’s at the bottom of the ocean than one finds its treasure.

The courage to dive in is needful.

Or was it the courage of feeling?

What was that?

The power of love, perhaps.

“The oyster-shells are not all of the same value;
Some contain pearls, and other black stones.
It is needful to discern the bad from the good,
Just as much as to sift wheat from straw.
The people of this world exist in order to manifest
And to disclose the “hidden treasure.”
Read, “I was a hidden treasure, and desired to be known;
Hide not the hidden treasure, but disclose it.
Your true treasure is hidden under a false one,
Just as butter is hidden within the substance of milk.” sings it Rumi in The Masnavi




Today I believe in the Dream.

Today I believe in the Power of the Seed sown in the Heart of the Damascene Rose.

After all, June is around the corner.

What is June but the month of miracles in my life? Alas. Alas. Alas.

What is your month of miracles?

Which are the months of manifesting miracles in your life?

Till next time - Wednesday that is, stay loved, stay blessed!

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