I Rose You, I Peony You, I Flower You … 1001 Times

I Rose You, I Peony You, I Flower You ...

1001 Times 

Dearest Mother,

I miss your ice cream  — Al Buza Al mad’u’a!

The birthday cake-shaped ice cream. 

Thick. Creamy. Fully covered in Aleppo pistachios. 

Yes. Before getting blown up in the air, the Ancient City

of Aleppo would provide one of the freshest and most

delicious pistachios in the world. 

Yes. The taste of its creamy kishta lingering within…

I am going to have ice cream as my birthday cake, today.

It so happens that Vanilla ice cream is my favorite. 

Oh, my dearest, your delicious ice cream.

Damascus, if only I could have your ice cream today!

I wish I woke up in your sweet embrace.

And yet, my dearest, hope dies last.

Gratefully, I have woken in the memory of you, amidst

the petals of the fragrant Damascene Rose. AND, as a

first in my life, Julieta and her Romeo - father have

offered me the finest fragrant bouquet of peonies.

Fragrant Romanian peonies from the beautiful Julieta

and her MohamAAAAAAd!

That's life, baby!

That' love, baby!

My family and friends in Romania and worldwide have

made me feel loved since early morning.

Thank you, so much, for all the L.O.V.E!

Isn’t that the beautiful miracle of the flower, of the rose,

of the sweetest moment?

All in all, it’s vanilla ice cream for the day.

Indulge, baby! Indulge.

By God, these Romanian fragrant peonies...

I am feeling overwhelmed.

And I Rose You, I Peony You... I Flower You back.

For now, I am whirling and twirling in the luminous 1001

petals of this overwhelming feeling. Stay loved!



Photo: Levant Coffee Shop _  London _ Manchester _ Casablanca

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