10 Reasons Why I Love Walking


10 Reasons Why I Love Walking

Walking As A Way Of Life

To me, walking is like breathing. It’s a way of life.

In fact, I’d feel left out of oxygen if I didn’t walk.

A while ago, Prophets and Apostles walked.

A lot. They’d cross the deserts, and walk for miles.

My grandpa, jdo, would walk his way home, to the neighbourhood of Al Midan, from his workshop on the Straight Street. Not too far a distance. Still, Arab jdo walked his way home.

I might have inherited this habit from him, or not. All I know is l love walking. 

By the Bosphorus…

In our Herastrau Parc, nowadays known as King Micheal I Parc.

On other routes close to my heart. 

And thanks to the pandemic, around the Romanian Atheneum. Unless you’re revisiting this blog, my virtual oasis of Damascene roses… you should know by know I’ve always loved the Romanian Atheneum. I always will. Subsequent to the pandemic, I’ve been circling and circling this amazing edifice. Our Temple of Culture, to us Romanians. The Temple of Love, to me. This is where Mohamad and Julieta had first met. 

In truth, I cannot get enough of the Romanian Atheneum and its surrounding buildings. I have even told the universe where I am planning to buy a house, should I ever buy one in Romania.

Oh, I’ve lived here alright. Yet my roots go as far as the fragrant Capital of Jasmine - Damascus. 

I’ve walked for as far as I’ve been. At times, I’ve jogged, then ran to my heels, and then walked again. I have been chased and chased ever since I stepped out of the Garden of Roses. I am about to go far away. Only that now, I am running for myself. Not out of sheer necessity, but out of personal objectives - DREAMS. Out of getting on my route. After so many diverse routes, I am deploying myself on my route. 

The universe might have saved the best for last, as the song goes. Do you know the song? I am an  82’er. 

Yes. I have always walked. A car… is a vehicle I don’t possess. Due to my lifestyle in the past decade: traveling a lot, transport was ensured by the company I worked for  … 

Subsequent to it, as a creative lead, storyteller and entrepreneur I needed to walk. The system I’d created was that of “al 7ara” - the perimeter around my hub of activity. A perfect circle that is. 

Mind, I’d get on a car only to go to the airport and to the cinema.


Not running, but walking. It’s the tempo that relaxes me.

It’s an intense walk in the rhythm of the cascade of the breezy easy inspiration. 

I don’t think of anything. I go places. 

The sand uplifting around the The “Carol I” Central University Library of Bucharest takes me on a carpet to the Arabian deserts. I find myself amidst a sand storm and I concentrate on that fixed point to pass the 1st kilometre. 

The smell of the freshly mowed grass deploys me in one of our Romanian forests. 

As for the wind fluttering my hair, it reminds me of the French Riviera. From Nisse to Eze, to the Fragonard perfume factory where I had bought the Jasmine du Soleil. 

Walking releases me in the 1001 essences of fragrance. 

Every memory has a fragrance attached to it, don’t you think?

Hence, walking makes me feel better. The more I walk, the fragrant the now.

2. It’s as if I feel the OXYGEN WALKING THROUGH my neurons and cells.

I breathe its benefits in.

3.   Word of Honour it has IMPROVED MY DIGESTION 

I wouldn’t give details about it though, if you don’t mind. 

However, I have had a nasty IBS - irritable bowel syndrome due to the tremendous emotional and work pressure I was put to. Now I am doing good. Better than ever. And the best is yet to manifest as I like to say. 

4.   TONING and SLIMMING effects

I guess I am what one would call robust. My back is L, then I am M, then I am M-L, around the butt that is - it depends on the angle you are looking from, and then M again… Even my body is a hybrid M&L, not just the sweet Damascene Rose. However my legs have always been slim for my body shape. I perceive them as much more toned. That’s what the mirror shows me. 

And I’d dare say that my Damascene Oriental belly has flattened as much and an Oriental belly can flatten. I have never had the table kind of belly.


As soon as I have finished walking the first lap of my 8-10 km walk, my mind relaxes and is.

The mindful I am, the clearer I see. The path I am walking and the ideas coming back and forth.

6. SUGAR CRAVINGS are lowered

And when I have them, I have them in the morning, before going on my walk.

No, I don’t go on a walk at 7:00-8:00 a.m. 

But rather at brunch time, earliest or in the afternoon.

7. It’s HANDY and FREE of CHARGE

All you have to do is jump in your favourite pair of sneakers and walk. 

You don’t have to pay a dime. Just walk. On your favourite street. In the park you love.

On the pavement/ forest/ running track/ sands you connect. On the ground you vibrate. Amidst the leaves you bond with. I for one like to earth in my being, first of all. It takes me places - in the forever now.


Walking is by far my favourite type of meditation. 

The reservoir of my mind empties the thoughts only to bring about ideas.

Lyrics. Verses. Feelings. 

The calm and the serenity of walking bring about miracles…

Characters go on a date and actually have that damn coffee. Nobody gets suffocated with futile questions.

The “I call you in an hour tops. I have to make sure you are not lying to me.”

They live in the now. Mindfully. With clarity. 

Stories and seeds of ideas make their way through the labyrinth of my mind.

I open the assigned drawers to save them to the moment, for later.

And I go on - feeling the present. My walk over, I feel replenished and the drawers of my consciousness are in perfect alignment. 


Every step that I make on the way seems to clean and clear the way. Hence, walking acts like purging. It a renewing process.

Each kilometre removes any negative energy I might have left on my shoulders, releasing petals of magic and love instead. By the 3rd kilometre walked, I surely have embraced a very good vibe. 30 minutes passed away and as of now, my body is burning fat. So I try to increase the pace or at least maintain it for 5-7 kilometres more. As soon as I have reached home, I feel reinvigorated and full of life.
10. HOPE

The more I walk, the closer to my dreams I feel.

It’s as if I pass the threshold to the realm. As if there is no hindrance between me and my rose.

It feels like I am within it already. Like I have it already.

Walking enables me to keep the hope alive that I shall make it home, safe and sound.

I know I hope I’ll be seeing you around. 

In the meanwhile, you will find me walking - right over here, with you, "dearest tribe". 

Rosary Rose,
Unleash your petals,
Let’s go!

Photo: Unsplash

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