The Apricots of Damascus


The Apricots of Damascus - Al Mushmosh Al Shami 

An apricot fell out of Heaven,
It was from Damascus!

… the magical home city of Damascus is about fragrances. Not only is Dimashq the warmth of  Home, but She also exudes fragrances all the way. Jasmine… Roses… and this time, in this post, apricots! Not only is she dazzling in Her beauty, but her fragrances also do reverberate. Rosary rose, let’s tell the story of the apricots of Damascus:


Al Mushmosh Al Shami 

Soft to the touch, the apricots of Damascus are very perfumed. 

Imagine a very thin piece of velvet… As for the perfume, well, it makes its way through. One can feel the smell from a distance. It’s that strong pure apricot smell. It’s apricot - apricot. The Coco Chanel of apricots  - Al Mushmosh Al Shami.

On top of it, it’s succulent and tender.  The nirvana of apricots. To the extent that there’s a saying in Turkish: ‘in iyisi Şam’da kayısı - the better of (it) is the apricot of Damascus. 

The saying refers to comparing the best of an entity or a quality to the Damascene apricot.

The better of the best, to the Damascene apricot.

The taste of my magical childhood in Damascus

We’d eat it, drink it or indulge the jam of it. The once upon a time childhood in Damascus surely tasted deliciously, sheer savoury, stomach filling. What about the children of the world? The dearest children of the world. Tell me, dearest God, what about them?

As for now, I shall enjoy the exquisite taste of the cherries and sour cherries of Romania.

It all started right over here. 

Rosary rose,
Spray the fragrance of our worldwide famous apricots,
What is Damascus but the aromatherapy at its best!

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