Why Do Guys Think She’ll Forever Be – Emotionally Available?


Why Do Guys Think She’ll Forever Be - Emotionally Available?

With me, you always know how and where you stand.

My messages have always been "loud" and direct, irrespective of the type of relationship I’ve been in: business, friendship, partnership, or even my once upon a decade marriage.

I'd like to develop a bit on the idea of "emotionally unavailable".

Please do understand that when I tell you: “ I am emotionally unavailable for you and to you”,  it means:

I am not into you although you are clever, handsome, and good-hearted.

You are Mr Perfection… for your Mrs Perfection.

I am not into you because I am not. Don’t try to find the rationale behind it.

You may play it the investigator. Who is he? Or rather who are they? The beautiful energies, 90% of which are abroad.

Rest assured spiritual bonds are stronger and much powerful than anything.

Take my word for it. Or there might be this vibrant heart?

I give you my word on this: I am pretty excited myself, too. I have no clue, just yet, who is Fares of my life.

She might be single and still NOT want to BE with you. Imagine that!
Coming back, after years, when you feel that you are ready, does not mean that she might want a  relationship with you.

And remember - go back to point zero, yes, her heart was frozen. However, did she or did she not tell you where she stood with you? Be honest! Sooner than later, life rewards honesty. 

I wonder why do guys imagine they  can knock on the door after months or even years and be certain to find you?  

Remember when you come back knocking on the door she lives there no more. It's just the shadow of remembrance playing tricks. She’s become a different person, with different affinities. Or perhaps, there are ladies out there opening up the gates of their being whenever you, gentlemen, call? Maybe you have been accustomed to this, haven't you?

Please understand that a lady might decide to remain single, even at the risk of not becoming a mother. Especially if in time, there was a lineup of men negotiating their “bananas” on the way.

Hence, sometimes “my way” seems the best way.

Interesting times, my dearest! Interesting times. And there was Love in the Time of Corona Virus.

I am following my path, my personal mission.

Whoever assigned by the Divine to join me on the road, will join me, in Divine Timing.

My major objective is setting myself on the new road.

I am looking forward to resuming new projects. God bless and God unlock!

And remember EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE means NO. It is not a NO, I don’t want a slice of cake, meaning YES give me two more slices. NO! NO means SHE IS NOT into the essence of you. There is no alignment!

Nobody freezes their feelings for nobody over the years.

Feelings are not a pack of peas you unfreeze whenever a gentleman remembers of your existence. Question: where does this self-sufficiency come from? May I call it self-sufficiency?

Feelings flow… and when the time is right, feelings align and unite in the holy spiritual bond.

Only true Love (the 0,000001 universal possibility) generates miracles and reverberates, transcending time and space.

When Love is the way, there can be no mountains and no hindrances high enough... 

And so it is.  And so may it be. 

Stay loved. Stay fun. 

Rosary rose,
Sprinkle petals of  laughs & gags,
Have yourself a weekend filled with joy!  


Photo: Unsplash 

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