It Feels As If My Time Has Come – Don’t You Think?

Time Has Come

My Time Might Have Come, Don’t You Think?

My Time Has Come, Dearest Rose.

I am in this passage. Ahead, there's Light. Behind, all the darkness - the bloody survival mode. The unmanifested about to shed light upon the manifestation. It’s right around the corner. So near, the ear of the soul can almost hear it. So near,  my hands can almost touch it. It’s here, almost. I can see myself hugging my dearest rose… Who the rose are you, anyway, dearest soul?

You see, given the (…) circumstances, my spiritual abilities seem to have heightened, considerably. It seems I can foresee the manifestation before it happens. Voila!

Truth be told, there are signs and synchronicities all over the place. I’d like to keep that for me. You don’t mind, don’t you?

Just like you, dear bridge of Istanbul, connecting Europe and Asia, so am I. One leg enrooted in the Garden of Roses, back Home in Damascus, one leg here, in Bucharest, about to unite my being and plunge into the new realm. 

Time Has Come

Have you heard of the fool? Of course, you have. The fool in Shakespeare’s plays. Or the one who speaks his mind frankly and transparently? Oh, thoughts are to be kept only for the privy council’s attention, don’t you think? Once you’ve spoken an obvious truth…

Damn! Why would you do that? Let the crumbs of the story we tell ourselves everyday lie there, beneath the rug. Crumbs of lies spiced up in blindness to cover the truth. The crumbs marinate, tied with the ribbon of oblivion. Till one day. When that one day comes, that very day, it all surfaces.

The submarine springs  Above, amidst the caressing waves of the sea.

Love pulls it out. Truth sets free.
I am on the pier. The energy feels near.

My time might have come.

After all, dearest “tribe”, it’s June.

Hail the miracles! Embrace, embrace, embrace.

She’s a fool!

And remember: Adevarul e cea mai buna minciuna.

Truth is the best lie, as the Romanian saying goes.

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